Virtual Issue Key papers in Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology on: The evolution of ultrasound in urogynecology
Screening for heart defects in the first trimester of pregnancy: food for thought
Ductus venosus pulsatility index measurement reduces the false-positive rate in first-trimester screening
First-trimester measurement of the ductus venosus pulsatility index and the prediction of congenital heart defects
Defining the fetal cardiac axis between 11 + 0 and 14 + 6 weeks of gestation: experience with 100 consecutive pregnancies
Fetal cardiovascular effects of lower urinary tract obstruction with giant bladder
Omphalocele: comparison of outcome following prenatal or postnatal diagnosis
Depth of brain fissures in normal fetuses by prenatal ultrasound between 19 and 30 weeks of gestation
Grade and symmetry of normal fetal cortical development: a longitudinal two-and three-dimensional ultrasound study
Value of prenatal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging in assessment of congenital primary cytomegalovirus infection
Fetal breathing is associated with increased umbilical blood flow
Ultrasound predictors of birth weight in euploid fetuses with isolated single umbilical artery
Biases of traditional term prediction models: results from different sample-based models evaluated on 41 343 ultrasound examinations
Fetal growth trajectories in Type-1 diabetic pregnancy
Effect of vaginal progesterone, administered to prevent preterm birth, on impedance to blood flow in fetal and uterine circulation
Degree of cervical shortening after initial induction of labor as a predictor of subsequent successful induction
How best to measure the levator hiatus: evidence for the non-Euclidean nature of the ‘plane of minimal dimensions’
Development of morphologically dominant follicles is associated with fewer metabolic disturbances in amenorrheic women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a pilot study
Ultrasound-guided tru-cut biopsy of abdominal and pelvic tumors in gynecology
Antenatal embolization of a large chorioangioma by percutaneous Glubran 2 injection
Prenatal diagnosis of crossed pulmonary arteries
Prenatal diagnosis of cor triatriatum dexter
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