Detecting open spina bifida at the 11–13-week scan by assessing intracranial translucency and the posterior brain region: mid-sagittal or axial plane?
A review of fetal volumetry: the need for standardization and definitions in measurement methodology
Appearance of the fetal posterior fossa at 11 + 3 to 13 + 6 gestational weeks on transabdominal ultrasound examination
Three-dimensional sonography of the posterior fossa in fetuses with open spina bifida at 11–13 weeks' gestation
Retrospective review of diagnostic performance of intracranial translucency in detection of open spina bifida at the 11–13-week scan
Visualization of intracranial translucency at the 11–13-week scan is improved after specific training
The aqueduct of Sylvius: a sonographic landmark for neural tube defects in the first trimester
Fetal optic nerve sheath measurement as a non-invasive tool for assessment of increased intracranial pressure
Evaluation of normal fetal pulmonary veins from the early second trimester by enhanced-flow (e-flow) echocardiography
Hemodynamics of fetal breathing movements: the inferior vena cava
Left–right difference in fetal liver oxygenation during hypoxia estimated by BOLD MRI in a fetal sheep model
Influence of fetal and parental factors on intrauterine growth measurements: results of the EDEN mother–child cohort
Standardization of fetal ultrasound biometry measurements: improving the quality and consistency of measurements
Male sexual development in utero : testicular descent on prenatal magnetic resonance imaging
Female external genitalia on fetal magnetic resonance imaging
Four-dimensional sonographic evaluation of avulsion of the levator ani according to delivery mode
Early-stage cervical cancer: agreement between ultrasound and histopathological findings with regard to tumor size and extent of local disease
Adenoma malignum of the uterine cervix: ultrasonographic findings in 11 patients
Prospective detection of open spina bifida at 11–13 weeks by assessing intracranial translucency and posterior brain
Monozygotic twins discordant for trisomy 18
Prenatal diagnosis of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection into the coronary sinus
Supraventricular tachycardia in a neonate with the prenatal diagnosis of a single left superior vena cava
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