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Unexpected resolution of first‐trimester fetal valve stenosis
Single‐dose systemic methotrexate vs expectant management for treatment of tubal ectopic pregnancy
Physiological adaptation of maternal plasma volume during pregnancy
Validation of a first‐trimester screening model for pre‐eclampsia in an unselected population
Proposed clinical management of pregnancies after combined screening for pre‐eclampsia at 30–34 weeks' gestation
Comparison of screening for pre‐eclampsia at 31–34 weeks' gestation by sFlt‐1/PlGF ratio and a method combining maternal factors with sFlt‐1 and PlGF
Development of pre‐eclampsia within 4 weeks of sFlt‐1/PlGF ratio > 38
Diverse outcome following early prenatal diagnosis of pulmonary stenosis
Choriovitelline placenta
Basic heart examination
Uteroplacental Doppler flow and pregnancy outcome in women with tetralogy of Fallot
Transperineal sonographic assessment of angle of progression as a predictor of successful vaginal delivery following induction of labor
Prediction of time to delivery by transperineal ultrasound in second stage of labor
Is it necessary to diagnose levator avulsion on pelvic floor muscle contraction?
Is obstetric anal sphincter injury a risk factor for levator ani muscle avulsion in vaginal delivery?
Ultrasound in preoperative assessment of pelvic and abdominal spread in patients with ovarian cancer
Fetal goiter associated with preconception hysterosalpingography using an oil‐soluble iodinated contrast medium
Pitfall in first‐trimester diagnosis of chorionicity in twin pregnancy
Uterine perforation and small bowel incarceration 11 months after dilatation and curettage
Computed tomography and ultrasound to determine fetal head station
Fetal head station
Virtual hysteroscopy with HDlive
ISUOG consensus statement on current understanding of the association of neurodevelopmental delay and congenital heart disease