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B-Flow, a Non-Doppler Technology for Flow Mapping: Early Experience in the Abdomen
Imaging in Renal Transplantation
Doppler Ultrasound Evaluation of Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Function
Atlas of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Power Doppler Sonography: Improving Disease Activity Assessment in Inflammatory Musculoskeletal Disease
Blunt Cardiac Injuries That Require Operative Intervention: An Unsuspected Injury
Diagnostic Usefulness and Impact on Management of Transesophageal Echocardiography in Surgical Intensive Care Units
Bicuspid Aortic Valve Associated With Aortic Dilatation: A Community-Based Study
Acute Pericarditis: Current Concepts and Practice
Predicting The Need For Laparotomy in Pediatric Trauma Patients on the Basis of the Ultrasound Score
Diagnostic Value of High-Resolution B-Mode and Doppler Sonography for Imaging of Hand and Finger Joints in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Atherosclerotic Plaque Distribution in the Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery as Assessed by Intravascular Ultrasound
Ultrasonography of Non-Traumatic Rupture of the Achilles Tendon Secondary to Levofloxacin
Identification of Hibernating Myocardium with Quantitative Intravenous Myocardial Contrast Echocardiography: Comparison with Dobutamine Echocardiography and Thallium-201 Scintigraphy
Ultrasound-Guided Thoracentesis: Is It a Safer Method?
Ultrasound-Guided Transbronchial Needle Aspiration: An Experience in 242 Patients
Accuracy of Pleural Puncture Sites: A Prospective Comparison of Clinical Examination with Ultrasound
Preoperative Wire Localization of Breast Lesions by Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) Sonography
Ultrasound in the Management of the Positions of the Femoral Head During Treatment in a Spica Cast after Reduction of Hip Dislocation in Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip
Mediastinal Lymph Node Involvement in Potentially Resectable Lung Cancer: Comparison of CT, Positron Emission Tomography, and Endoscopic Ultrasonography With and Without Fine-Needle Aspiration
Power Doppler Sonography Versus Tc-99m DMSA Scintigraphy for Diagnosing Acute Pyelonephritis in Children: Are These Two Methods Comparable?
Vaginal Sonography and Cervical Incompetence
Management of Obstetric Hemorrhage
Contrast Echocardiography
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