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Doppler Sonography of Portal Hypertension
Ultrasound Manifestations of Unusual Trisomies-Excluding Trisomy 13, 18, and 21
Evaluating the Long Term Effect of Ultrasound Guided Needle Puncture Without Aspiration on Calcifying Supraspinatus Tendinitis
Bedside Sonography by Emergency Physicians for the Rapid Identification of Landmarks Relevant to Cricothyrotomy
Prenatal Ultrasonographic Diagnosis of Polymicrogyria
Sonographic Evaluation of Hemorrhagic Transformation and Arterial Recanalization in Acute Hemispheric Ischemic Stroke
Ultrasonography in Preclinical Education
Diagnosis of Synovitis by Ultrasonography in RA
Detection of Early Liver Fibrosis in Patients With Intestinal Schistosomiasis
Optimization of Minimally Invasive Radio-Guided Parathyroidectomy
Transversus Abdominis and Obliquus Internus Activity During Pilates Exercises
Gliding Distance of the Extensor Pollicis Longus Tendon With Respect to Wrist Positioning
Usefulness and Limitations of Transabdominal Ultrasonography for Detecting Small-Bowel Tumors
Can Duplex Arterial Ultrasonography Reduce Unnecessary Angiography?
Power Doppler Sonography in the Diagnosis of Hemophilic Synovitis
Three-Dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasound Scanning for the Predication of Endometrial Cancer in Women With Postmenopausal Bleeding and Thickened Endometrium
Doppler Ultrasonography Screening of Poor-Grade Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Patients Increases the Diagnosis of Deep Venous Thrombosis
Sonographic Detected Joint Effusion Compared to Physical Examination in the Assessment of Sacroiliac Joint in Spondyloarthritis
Surgical Office-Based Versus Radiology Referral-Based Breast Ultrasonography
Transabdominal Sonocystography
Radiological Appearances of Papillary Breast Lesions
No Normalization of the Tendon Structure and Thickness After Intratendinous Surgery for Chronic Painful Midportion Achilles Tendinosis
Cost Minimization Analysis Comparing Diagnostic Strategies in Unexplained Pancreatitis
Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography in Patients With Colorectal Liver Metastases After Chemotherapy
Giant Cell Tumor of Soft Tissue
Doppler Waveforms of the Hepatic Veins in Children With Diffuse Fatty Infiltration of the Liver
Application of Ultrasound for Bone Age Estimation in Clinical Practice
Accuracy of Ultrasonographic Fetal Weight Estimation in Twin Pregnancies
Hypervascular Synovitis and American College of Rheumatology Classification Criteria as Predictors of Radiographic Damage in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis
Intraoperative Ultrasound of the Pancreas
Ultrasound Quarterly CME Examination March 2009
Ultrasound Quarterly CME Examination March 2009