The Great Mimicker: Pseudo-Meig Syndrome in a Pregnant Patient. A Review

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Meig syndrome is the triad of benign ovarian tumor, ascites, and pleural effusion. Pseudo-Meig syndrome mimics the Meig syndrome triad; however, in pseudo-Meig syndrome, the ovarian tumor usually represents a primary malignancy or metastases. Differentiating Meig from pseudo-Meig syndrome is challenging both clinically and with diagnostic imaging but is important because prognoses for these distinct entities are drastically different. Evidence-based sonographic prediction models are valuable because they can aid in this distinction. Here, we present the first reported case of pseudo-Meig syndrome secondary to large, bilateral Krukenberg tumors of unknown origin, in a gravid 30-year-old woman at 24 weeks' gestation, discovered initially by ultrasound.

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