Methodological Challenges in Conducting Health Disparities Research
Challenges in Understanding Disparities in Drug Use and its Consequences
Research Challenges to the Study of HIV/AIDS Among Migrant and Immigrant Hispanic Populations in the United States
Disentangling Race and Socioeconomic Status: A Key to Understanding Health Inequalities
The Concept of Culture: A Core Issue in Health Disparities
Balancing Empiricism and Local Cultural Knowledge in the Design of Prevention Research
Field Research with Underserved Minorities: The Ideal and the Real
Race/Ethnicity Differences in the Validity of Self-Reported Drug Use: Results from a Household Survey
Cultural Adaptation in Translational Research: Field Experiences
Methodological Challenges in Designing Efficacious Drug Abuse and HIV Preventive Interventions for Hispanic Adolescent Subgroups
Studying Biobehavioral Aspects of Health Disparities Among Older Adult Minorities