HIV Research Within the Global Context: Introduction to the Special Issue
The CDRC Principles of International Health Research
The Process of Research in International Settings: From Risk Assessment to Program Development and Intervention
International Research and Local Authorities: Interplay Between Research and Police Agendas in the Field of Drug Abuse and AIDS
CDC International HIV Prevention Research Activities Among Injection Drug Users in Thailand and Russia
Community Attitudes Toward HIV Prevention for Injection Drug Users: Findings from a Cross-Border Project in Southern China and Northern Vietnam
HIV Knowledge and Risk Behaviors Among Women in Law Enforcement in Bogota, Colombia: Potential Role as Community Educators
“Vivo para consumirla y la consumo para vivir” [“I live to inject and inject to live”]: High-Risk Injection Behaviors in Tijuana, Mexico
Developing an HIV Intervention for Indigent Women Substance Abusers in the United States Virgin Islands
Risk Behaviors and HIV/AIDS Prevention Education Among IDUs in Drug Treatment in Shanghai
Influence of Partner Participation on Sexual Risk Behavior Reduction Among HIV-Positive Zambian Women
Marginalized and Socially Integrated Groups of IDUs in Hungary: Potential Bridges of HIV Infection
Drug Use, Street Survival, and Risk Behaviors Among Street Children in Lahore, Pakistan