Complementary and Alternative Medicine
What's the Significance of Evidenced-Based Practice? Do We Really Need Levels of Evidence?
Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation (InterStim®) Part I
Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation (InterStim®) Part II
Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation (InterStim®) Part III
Sacral Nerve Neuromodulation (InterStim®) Part I
Test-Retest Reliability of the Urge-Urinary Distress Inventory and Female Sexual Function Index in Women with Multiple Sclerosis
‘I'd Rather Just Go On as I Am’ --- Pelvic Floor Care Preferences Of Frail, Elderly Women in Residential Care
Unintentional Transurethral Foley Catheterization of the Right Renal Pelvis
Effects of a Modified Yeast Supplement on Cold/Flu Symptoms
Predicting Urinary Tract Infections In a Urogynecology Population
Adding to the Evidence Base
Traditional Vietnamese Health And Healing
Getting Ready for Certification
Delivery of Cancer Screening
Impact of Pretest on Posttest Knowledge Scores with a Solomon Four Research Design
Fatigue and Physical Activity in Older Adults With Cancer
13-Year Outcomes for Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer in a Population-Based Cohort
Predicting Research Use in Nursing Organizations
Brewer's/Baker's Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) And Preventive Medicine