Implementation of the AUA Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Guidelines into Practice: Establishing a Multidisciplinary Clinic

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Introduction:AUA (American Urological Association) published guidelines on the treatment of castration resistant prostate cancer in August 2013. Urologists have remained integral members of a multifaceted team of professionals treating patients with prostate cancer. We discuss approaches to implementing a guidelines based, multidisciplinary, advanced prostate cancer treatment clinic.Methods:A supplemented PubMed® search was performed to identify published literature evaluating the treatment of castration resistant prostate cancer. Attention was placed on studies assessing a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients with castrate resistant prostate cancer. A review of currently approved agents is provided with emphasis on administration from an integrated clinic.Results:Treatment of patients with advanced prostate cancer remains a significant function of many urology clinics. Guidelines assist urologists with providing patients with the most appropriate care along with multispecialty collaboration. Several organizational approaches have been attempted, including all-in-one clinics, onsite clinics and virtual multidisciplinary clinics. Through close collaboration with medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and support staff patients with advanced prostate cancer can obtain the highest quality care.Conclusions:Urologists remain an integral member of the multidisciplinary approach to treating castrate resistant prostate cancer. AUA guidelines for castration resistant prostate cancer are a useful tool that can be incorporated into virtual multidisciplinary clinics. Through a team approach patients receive timely and appropriate care.

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