Imaging, interventional techniques Editorial overview
Low-osmolality versus high-osmolality contrast material
New developments in radiologic imaging of renal masses
Adrenal imaging
Magnetic resonance imaging of the genitourinary tract
Color Doppler ultrasound of the genitourinary tract
Radiographic diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction
Renal medicine and renal transplanation
Etiology and pathogenesis of renal failure
Renal vascular disease
Selection of dialysis versus transplantation as replacement therapy for end-stage renal disease
Surgical aspects of renal transplantation in the donor and recipient
Immunosuppressive therapy and results of renal transplantation
Bibliography of the current world literature
Index to subjects
Bladder, testicular neoplasm
Kidney, transplantation, infections
Paediatrics, andrology, infertility
Imaging, stone disease
Surgery, reconstructive surgery
Annotated bibliography