Functional reconstruction and trauma
Reconstructive surgery of the upper urinary tract — Did minimally invasive techniques evolve to new standard treatments?
Renal trauma: when to wait and when to operate
The advantages and disadvantages of continent diversions to the skin, orthotopic bladder substitutes, and rectal bladders
Progress in the rehabilitation of neuropathic bladders — What can we do today?
Surgery for urethra and sphincter — Which technique when?
Urological surgery, surgical techniques, technology
Laparoscopic surgery/endourology
Transurethral microwave thermotherapy and laser treatment
Urinary diversion
Risk factors for progression in patients with prostate cancer treated by radical prostatectomy
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Functional reconstruction and trauma
Urological surgery, surgical techniques, technology
Bladder, testicular neoplasm
Kidney, transplantation, infections
Paediatrics, andrology, infertility
Imaging, stone disease
Surgery, reconstructive surgery