Voiding dysfunction and female urology
Outcome measures and surgery for stress urinary incontinence
Results of behavioral treatment for urinary incontinence in women
Laparoscopic correction of stress urinary incontinence
Sacral neuromodulation in the treatment of the unstable bladder
Use of intravesical capsaicin for urge urinary incontinence and irritative voiding syndromes
Minerals in animals and vegetables
Crystal±macromolecule interactions in urolithiasis: lessons from healthy biomineralization systems
Stones and bones: bone resorption and metabolism in stoneformers
Molecular basis of inherited renal lithiasis
Pathophysiology of idiopathic hypercalciuria: the current concept
An evidence‐based approach to hypercalciuria: is it really necessary for the study of the role of calcium in urolithiasis?
Drug‐induced urolithiasis
Intralesional administration of biological response modifiers in the treatment of localised cancer of the prostatė a feasibility study
Intravesical immunoprophylaxis in recurrent superficial bladder cancer (stage T1): multicenter trial comparing bacille Calmette‐Guérin and interferon‐alpha
Development of a decision‐making tool to predict risk of prostate cancer: the cancer of the prostate risk index (CAPRI) test
Painful bone metastases in hormone‐refractory prostate cancer: economic costs of Strontium‐89 and/or external radiotherapy
Chillies: from antiquity to urology
Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy for lower calyceal stones: can clearance be predicted?
The treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia with alpha blockers in men over the age of 80 years
Long‐term clinical results and quality of life after insertion of a self‐expanding flexible endourethral prosthesis
Segmental up‐regulation of transforming growth factor beta in the pathogenesis of primary megaureter: an immunohistochemical study
Structural and ultrastructural changes in ileal neobladder mucosa: a 7‐year follow up
Detrusor myectomy for detrusor, overactivity: a minimum 1‐year follow up
Influence of transient over distension on bladder wall morphology and enzyme histochemistry
Perforation of continent urinary reservoirs
Enuresis nocturna in adults
Capsular perforation localisation and adenoma size as prognostic indicators of erectile dysfunction after transurethral prostatectomy
Diagnosis of prostate cancer: optimal number of prostate biopsies related to serum prostate specific antigen and findings on digital rectal examination
Clinical stage, prostate specific antigen and gleason grade to predict extracapsular disease or nodal metastasis in men with newly diagnosed, previously untreated prostate cancer
Reference ranges for the concentrations of total and complexed plasma PSA and their ratio in patients with BPH
Management of bleeding, transfusion requirement and removal of catheters in transurethral resection
Results of radical prostatectomy in men with locally advanced prostate cancer: multi‐institutional pooled analysis
Flutamide versus orchiectomy in the treatment of metastatic protate carcinoma
Potassium‐magnesium citrate is an effective prophylaxis against recurrent calcium oxalate nephrolithiasis
Adjuvant mitomycin C following endoscopic treatment of upper tract transitional cell carcinoma
Intravesical capsaicin asa treatment for refractory detrusor hyperreflexia: a dual center study with long‐term follow‐up
Radical cystectomy in the octagenerian
Controlled, forced collapse of cavitation bubbles for improved stone fragmentation during shockwave lithotripsy
YAG lithotripsy yields smaller fragments than lithoclast, pulsed dye laser or electrohydraulic lithotripsy
Endopyelotomy for primary ureteropelvic junction obstruction: risk factors determine the success rate
Feasibility of transurethral resection for muscle infiltrating carcinoma of the bladder: long‐term follow‐up of a prospective study
A follow up on transurethral collagen injection therapy for urinary incontinence
Double‐blind multicenter study comparing alprostadil alpha‐cyclodextrin with moxisylyte chlorhydrate in patients with chronic erectile dysfunction
The use of 2 ipsilateral ureteral stents for relief of ureteral obstruction from extrinsic compression
Surgery versus observation for managing obstructive grade 3 to 4 unilateral hydronephrosis: a report from the Society for Fetal Urology
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