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Epidemiology and prevalence of pelvic organ prolapse
Vaginal approaches to pelvic organ prolapse repair
Abdominal approaches to pelvic prolapse repairs
Why complex pelvic organ prolapse should be repaired vaginally
Why complex pelvic organ prolapse should be approached abdominally
Novel imaging techniques reshape the landscape in high-risk prostate cancers
The epidemiology of high-risk prostate cancer
Defining high-risk prostate cancer
Results of surgery for high-risk prostate cancer
High-risk prostate cancer
Results of hormone therapy as first-line treatment for high-risk prostate cancer
Adjuvant radiotherapy or early salvage radiotherapy in pT3R0 or pT3R1 prostate cancer
Current role of neoadjuvant and adjuvant systemic therapy for high-risk localized prostate cancer
Future prospects
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