This Month in Clinical Urology
Commentary on Alloplastic Replacement of the Bladder
Recent Advances in the Biochemical and Molecular Biological Basis of Cystinuria
Antireflux Nipples or Afferent Tubular Segments in 70 Patients with Ileal Low Pressure Bladder Substitutes
The Late Treatment of 63 Overlooked or Complicated Ureteral Missile Injuries
Continent Cutaneous Urinary Diversion Using The Full-Thickness Bowel Flap Tube as Continence Mechanism
The Effect of Urinary Tract Reconstruction On Neurologically Impaired Women Previously Treated With An Indwelling Uretheral Catheter
Cyclophosphamide Associated Bladder Cancer--A Highly Aggressive Disease
A Combined Analysis of European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer, and Medical Research Council Randomized Clinical Trials for the Prophylactic Treatment of Stage TaT1 Bladder Cancer
Editorial Comment
Editorial Comment
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Diffuse Veno-Occlusive Dysfunction
The Correlation Between the New Rigiscan Plus Software and the Final Diagnosis in the Evaluation of Erectile Dysfunction
Nitric Oxide Synthase and Xanthine Oxidase Activities in the Spermatic Vein of Patients with Varicocele
Three-Year Followup of Patients Treated with lower Energy Microwave Thermotherapy
Significance of Serum Free Prostate Specific Antigen in the Screening of Prostate Cancer
Anatomical Basis for Pelvic Lymphadenectomy in Prostate Cancer
A New Technique for Treatment of Simple Post-Prostatectomy Urinary Incontinence
Post-Prostatectomy incontinence and the Artificial Urinary Sphincter
The Use of an Extended Spiral Bladder Flap for Treatment of Upper Ureteral Loss
A Urodynamic Analysis of Age Associated Changes in Urethral Function in Women with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms
The Use of Scopolamine in the Treatment of Detrusor Instability
Modified Pubovaginal Sling for Treatment of Intrinsic Sphincteric Deficiency
Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women with Urethral Hypermobility and Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency
Simultaneous Aortic Bifurcation Graft and Kidney Transplantation from the same Multi-Organ Donor
Pseudotumoral Vesical Actinomycosis
An Unusual Urological Complication Due to Vascular Surgery
Malignant Sertoli Cell Tumor of the Testicle in a Black Man
Clinical Guidelines Panel on Erectile Dysfunction
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Efficacy of Radiographic Imaging in Pediatric Blunt Renal Trauma
Renal Ultrasound Changes After Pyeloplasty in Children With Ureteropelvic Junction Obstruction
Pediatric Endopyelotomy
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Decreased Bladder Compliance in Patients With Myelomeningocele Treated With Radiological Observation
Evaluation of Smooth Muscle and Collagen Subtypes in Normal Newborns and Those With Bladder Exstrophy
Long-Term Results of Ureterosigmoidostomy in Children With Bladder Exstrophy
Clean Intermittent Catheterization in Boys Using the Lofric Catheter
Dry Bed Training by Parents
The Dartos Flap as an Adjunct in Preventing Urethrocutaneous Fistulas in Repeat Hypospadias Surgery
Clinical Measurement of Testicular Volume in Adolescents
Association of Epididymal Anomalies with Patent Processus Vaginalis in Hernia, Hydrocele and Cryptorchidism
Clitoral Cyst
Radiation-Induced Changes in Neuropeptides in the Rat Urinary Bladder
Ureteral Cell Cultures II
Decreased sup 3 H-Thymidine Incorporation By Human Bladder Epithelial Cells Following Exposure To Urine From Interstitial Cystitis Patients
Differential Chromosome Allelic Imbalance in the Progression of Human Prostate Cancer
Effects of Tadenan Pretreatment on Bladder Physiology and Biochemistry Following Partial Outlet Obstruction
Detection of C-ERBB-2 Amplification in Transitional Cell Bladder Carcinoma Using Competitive PCR Technique
Alloplastic Replacement of the Urinary Bladder
Neonatal Estrogenization of the Male Mouse Results in Urethral Dysfunction
Brenner and Rector's The Kidney, 5th ed