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Incontinence and Voiding Difficulties Associated With Prolapse
α1-Adrenergic Receptors and Their Inhibitors in Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Immunological Effects of Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor and Autologous Tumor Vaccine in Patients With Renal Cell Carcinoma
Long-Term Outcome After Surgical Kidney Revascularization for Fibromuscular Dysplasia and Atherosclerotic Renal Artery Stenosis
Biochemical and Physicochemical Presentations of Patients With Brushite Stones
The 3-Port Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty
Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy of Solid Renal Masses Without Hilar Clamping Using a Monopolar Radio Frequency Device
Renal Vein or Inferior Vena Caval Extension in Patients With Renal Cortical Tumors: Impact of Tumor Histology
Ketorolac: Safe and Effective Analgesia for the Management of Renal Cortical Tumors With Partial Nephrectomy
Nephron Sparing Surgery for Appropriately Selected Renal Cell Carcinoma Between 4 and 7 Cm Results in Outcome Similar to Radical Nephrectomy
Cytoreductive Nephrectomy in Patients With Metastatic Renal Cancer: A Combined Analysis
Increased Body Mass Index Predicts Increased Blood Loss During Radical Cystectomy
Prognostic Significance of Endothelial Per-Arnt-Sim Domain Protein 1/Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-2α Expression in a Subset of Tumor Associated Macrophages in Invasive Bladder Cancer
Treatment and Outcome of Invasive Bladder Cancer in Patients After Renal Transplantation
Improved Detection of Clinically Significant, Curable Prostate Cancer With Systematic 12-Core Biopsy
Tumor Length and Location of Cancer on Biopsy Predict for Side Specific Extraprostatic Cancer Extension
High Dose Rate Brachytherapy as Prostate Cancer Monotherapy Reduces Toxicity Compared to Low Dose Rate Palladium Seeds
Late Urinary Morbidity With High Dose Prostate Brachytherapy as a Boost to Conventional External Beam Radiation Therapy for Local and Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer
Is Brachytherapy a Kinder, Gentler Treatment for Prostate Cancer?
Watchful Waiting and Factors Predictive of Secondary Treatment of Localized Prostate Cancer
Prostate Stem Cell Antigen Expression is Associated With Gleason Score, Seminal Vesicle Invasion and Capsular Invasion in Prostate Cancer
Lymphovascular Invasion is a Pathological Feature of Biologically Aggressive Disease in Patients Treated With Radical Prostatectomy
Lymph Node Positive Prostate Cancer: Long-Term Survival Data After Radical Prostatectomy
Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy Dose Response: An Update of the Fox Chase Experience
The Efficacy and Sequencing of a Short Course of Androgen Suppression on Freedom From Biochemical Failure When Administered With Radiation Therapy for T2-T3 Prostate Cancer
Early Versus Delayed Hormonal Therapy for Prostate Specific Antigen Only Recurrence of Prostate Cancer After Radical Prostatectomy
Intravesical Nitric Oxide Production Discriminates Between Classic and Nonulcer Interstitial Cystitis
Carbon Coated Zirconium Beads in β-Glucan Gel and Bovine Glutaraldehyde Cross-Linked Collagen Injections for Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency: Continence and Satisfaction After Extended Followup
Urethral Evoked Sympathetic Skin Responses and Viscerosensory Evoked Potentials as Diagnostic Tools to Evaluate Urogenital Autonomic Afferent Innervation in Spinal Cord Injured Patients
Urodynamic Study of Women in Urinary Retention Treated With Sacral Neuromodulation
Prevention of Urinary Incontinence by Behavioral Modification Program: A Randomized, Controlled Trial Among Older Women in the Community
Treatment of Primary Bladder Neck Obstruction in Women With Transurethral Resection of the Bladder Neck
Abdominal Sacral Colpopexy Using Autologous Fascia Lata
Efficacy and Morbidity of Autologous Fascia Lata Sling Cystourethropexy
The Influence of Age on Quality of Life Outcome in Women Following a Tension-Free Vaginal Tape Procedure
Efficacy of Sildenafil in the Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction Due to Multiple Sclerosis
Sustained Decrease in Incidence of Acute Urinary Retention and Surgery With Finasteride for 6 Years in Men With Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Melatonin Pharmacotherapy for Nocturia in Men With Benign Prostatic Enlargement
Holmium Laser Enucleation Versus Transurethral Resection of the Prostate. Are Histological Findings Comparable?
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Management—Statistical Significance May Not Translate Into Clinical Relevance
Modified Corporoplasty for Ventral Penile Curvature: Description of the Technique and Initial Results
Continence Following Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy Using Self-Reporting Instruments
The Impact of Open Radical Retropubic Prostatectomy on Continence and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms: A Prospective Assessment Using Validated Self-Administered Outcome Instruments
Computer Aided Learning Versus Standard Lecture for Undergraduate Education in Urology
Laparoscopic Radical Adrenalectomy With Adrenal Vein Tumor Thrombectomy: Technical Considerations
Laparoscopic Ureterocalicostomy: Initial Experience
Laparoscopic Repair of Chylous Ascites
Vesicolithotomy for Acute Intestinal Obstruction
Port Site Recurrence of Renal Cell Carcinoma Following Retroperitoneoscopic Radical Nephrectomy With Manual Extraction Without Using Entrapment Sac or Wound Protector
Renal Metastasis of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma With Inferior Vena Caval Thrombus
The Fate of the Retractile Testis
Extratesticular Leydig Cell Tumor of the Spermatic Cord
Re-Epithelialization of a Scar Tract Using an Intraurethral Metallic Stent After Long Urethral Defect
Intractable Chronic Pelvic Pain Relieved After Bone Anchor Removal
Re: Malignant Extragastrointestinal Stromal Tumor of Bladder
Re: Malignant Extragastrointestinal Stromal Tumor of Bladder: Reply by Authors.
Re: Histological Changes of Minimally Invasive Procedures for the Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostate Cancer: Clinical Implications
Re: Diagnostic Potential of Serum Proteomic Patterns in Prostate Cancer
Re: Diagnostic Potential of Serum Proteomic Patterns in Prostate Cancer: Reply by Authors.
Re: Prostate Specific Antigen Based Biennial Screening is Sufficient to Detect Almost all Prostate Cancers While Still Curable
Re: Improved Clinical Staging System Combining Biopsy Laterality and TNM Stage for Men With T1c and T2 Prostate Cancer: Results From the Search Database
Re: Improved Clinical Staging System Combining Biopsy Laterality and TNM Stage for Men With T1c and T2 Prostate Cancer: Results From the Search Database: Reply by Authors.
Urological Manifestations of Down Syndrome
Calcified Ureteral Stricture in a Child With Polyarteritis Nodosa
Pneumothorax in Pediatric Patients After Urological Laparoscopic Surgery: Experience With 4 Patients
Effect of Urethral Plate Characteristics on Tubularized Incised Plate Urethroplasty
Ulaanbaatar Procedure for Tubularization of the Glans in Severe Hypospadias
Vesicoureteral Reflux in the Hispanic Child With Urinary Tract Infection
Paravesical Abscess as an Unusual Late Complication of Inguinal Hernia Repair in Children
Incidence and Management of Hydrocele Following Varicocele Surgery in Children
Epididymal Cysts in Children: Natural History
A Novel, Inexpensive, Double Lumen Suprapubic Catheter for Urodynamics
Voiding Cystourethrography in Boys. Does the Presence of the Catheter During Voiding Alter the Evaluation of the Urethra?
Ordinary Glass Spheres as an Alternative Injectable Material for Endoscopic Correction of Vesicoureteral Reflux
Efficacy of Polydimethylsiloxane Injection to the Bladder Neck and Leaking Diverting Stoma for Urinary Continence
Unusual Variety of Posterior Cloaca
Influence of Donor Pretreatment With N-Acetylcysteine on Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury in Rat Kidney Grafts
A Porcine Model of Calcium Oxalate Kidney Stone Disease
Minipump Induced Hyperoxaluria and Crystal Deposition in Rats: A Model for Calcium Oxalate Urolithiasis
Verotoxin Induces Rapid Elimination of Human Renal Tumor Xenografts in SCID Mice
Decreased Expression of REIC/Dkk-3 in Human Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma
Calponin h1 Expression in Renal Tumor Vessels: Correlations With Multiple Pathological Factors of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Efficacy of Paclitaxel Released From Bio-Adhesive Polymer Microspheres on Model Superficial Bladder Cancer
Interleukin-12 Immunotherapy of Murine Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder: Dose Dependent Tumor Eradication and Generation of Protective Immunity
The Essential Role of Interferon-γ During Interleukin-12 Therapy for Murine Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder
Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer Using Recombinant Bacillus Calmette-Guerin DNA Vaccines and Interleukin-12 DNA Vaccine
Characterization of Neuropathic Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells in Culture
Rectal Distention Inhibits Bladder Activity Via Glycinergic and Gabaergic Mechanisms in Rats
An In Vivo Rat Model to Investigate Female Vaginal Arousal Response
Morphological Features of External Genitalia in Hypospadiac Rat Model: 3-Dimensional Analysis
Urological Oncology: Testis Cancer and Advances in Oncological Therapy
Adrenal and Renal Physiology, and Medical Renal Disease
Voiding Function and Dysfunction, Bladder Physiology and Pharmacology, and Female Urology
Renal Transplantation and Renovascular Hypertension
Trauma, and Genital and Urethral Reconstruction
Image-Guided Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer
Prostate Pathology
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