This Issue in Pediatric Urology
R. Dixon Walker
Global Gene Expression Patterns in Mouse Wolffian Duct Development
Bladder Augmentation With Acellular Dermal Biomatrix in a Diseased Animal Model
Total Continence Reconstruction
Augmentation Cystoplasty Rates at Children's Hospitals in the United States
Distal Shunt Obstruction in Children With Myelomeningocele After Bladder Perforation
Outcome in Patients Who Underwent Tethered Cord Release for Occult Spinal Dysraphism
Abnormal Urine Flow in Boys With Distal Hypospadias Before and After Correction
Long-Term Followup of Visual Internal Urethrotomy for Management of Short (Less Than 1 Cm) Penile Urethral Strictures Following Hypospadias Repair
Feeling Good in Daily Life
Expression of Cyclooxygenase-2 in Wilms Tumor
Myogenin and Desmin Immunohistochemistry in the Assessment of Post-Chemotherapy Genitourinary Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma
Magnetic Resonance Urography for Evaluating Outcomes After Pediatric Pyeloplasty
Long-Term Effects of Dextranomer Endoscopic Injections for the Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
Botulinum A Toxin Urethral Sphincter Injection in Children With Nonneurogenic Neurogenic Bladder
Nocturnal Enuresis in Adolescents and Adults is Associated With Childhood Elimination Symptoms
Familial Vesicoureteral Reflux
Magnetic Resonance Urographic Parameters for Predicting the Need for Pyeloplasty in Infants With Prenatally Diagnosed Severe Hydronephrosis
Magnetic Resonance Urography in the Evaluation of Prenatally Diagnosed Hydronephrosis and Renal Dysgenesis
Urinary Metabolic Evaluations in Normal and Stone Forming Children
Renal Transplantation in Children 15 Kg or Less
What is the Need for Additional Bladder Surgery After Bladder Augmentation in Childhood?
Review of 86 Patients With Myelodysplasia and Neurogenic Bladder Who Underwent Sigmoidocolocystoplasty and Were Followed More Than 10 Years
Aesthetic Aspects of Bladder Exstrophy
Continent Catheterizable Channels and the Timing of Their Complications
14 Years of Experience With the Artificial Urinary Sphincter in Children and Adolescents Without Spina Bifida
Treatment of the Occult Tethered Spinal Cord for Neuropathic Bladder
Urethral Dilation as Treatment for Neurogenic Bladder
High Yield of Urodynamics Performed for Refractory Nonneurogenic Dysfunctional Voiding in the Pediatric Population
Bladder Volume at Onset of Reflux on Initial Cystogram Predicts Spontaneous Resolution
Renal Scarring in Familial Vesicoureteral Reflux
Endoscopic Treatment for High Grade Vesicoureteral Reflux in Infants
What are the Most Powerful Determinants of Endoscopic Vesicoureteral Reflux Correction? Multivariate Analysis of a Single Institution Experience During 6 Years
Subureteral Dextranomer/Hyaluronic Acid Injection as First Line Treatment in the Management of High Grade Vesicoureteral Reflux
Endoscopic Injection of Dextranomer/Hyaluronic Acid Copolymer to Correct Vesicoureteral Reflux Following Failed Ureteroneocystostomy
The Evolution of Vesicoureteral Reflux Management in the Era of Dextranomer/Hyaluronic Acid Copolymer
Has the Growth and Development of Subspecialization in Pediatric Urology Affected Scholarly Activity?
A Meta-Analysis of Surgical Practice Patterns in the Endoscopic Management of Ureteroceles
Prospective, Longitudinal Evaluation of Health Related Quality of Life in the Pediatric Spina Bifida Population Undergoing Reconstructive Urological Surgery
Ontogeny of Androgen Receptor and Disruption of Its mRNA Expression by Exogenous Estrogens During Morphogenesis of the Genital Tubercle
Long-Term Cosmetic and Sexual Outcome of Hypospadias Surgery