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Making the Grade
Autophagy: Friend or Foe for Progression and Treatment of Urothelial Carcinoma
Bladder Tumor Resection: Doing it Right
Prostate Cancer Screening and Risk of Litigation: Caught between Scylla and Charybdis
Urinary Tract Management after Radical Cystectomy for Rhabdomyosarcoma in Children—What is the Best Option?
Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation before a Trial of Sacral Nerve Stimulation for Refractory Urge Incontinence
The Importance of Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor in the Management of Nonmuscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: A Systematic Review of Novel Technologies
Continued Increase in Incidence of Renal Cell Carcinoma, Especially in Young Patients and High Grade Disease: United States 2001 to 2010
Dysregulation of β-Catenin is an Independent Predictor of Oncologic Outcomes in Patients with Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma
The Health Care Burden of Skeletal Related Events in Patients with Renal Cell Carcinoma and Bone Metastasis
Preoperative Risk Factors for Extraurothelial Recurrence in Patients with Ureteral Cancer Treated with Radical Nephroureterectomy
Mixed High and Low Grade Bladder Tumors—Are They Clinically High or Low Grade?
DNA Based Therapy with Diphtheria Toxin-A BC-819: A Phase 2b Marker Lesion Trial in Patients with Intermediate Risk Nonmuscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
Monopolar Versus Bipolar Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumors: A Single Center, Parallel Arm, Randomized, Controlled Trial
Risk Factors for the Development of Parastomal Hernia after Radical Cystectomy
Sarcopenia as a Predictor of Complications and Survival Following Radical Cystectomy
Alvimopan, a Peripherally Acting μ-Opioid Receptor Antagonist, is Associated with Reduced Costs after Radical Cystectomy: Economic Analysis of a Phase 4 Randomized, Controlled Trial
Re: Systematic Review of Adrenalectomy and Lymph Node Dissection in Locally Advanced Renal Cell Carcinoma
Re: Overall Survival and Development of Stage IV Chronic Kidney Disease in Patients Undergoing Partial and Radical Nephrectomy for Benign Renal Tumors
Re: Efficacy of Imaging-Guided Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation for the Treatment of Biopsy-Proven Malignant Cystic Renal Masses
Re: Randomized Noninferiority Trial of Reduced High-Dose Volume versus Standard Volume Radiation Therapy for Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer: Results of the BC2001 Trial (CRUK/01/004)
Re: Current Clinical Practice Gaps in the Treatment of Intermediate- and High-Risk Non-Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer (NMIBC) with Emphasis on the Use of bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG): Results of an International Individual Patient Data Survey (IPDS)
Re: Use of Potentially Curative Therapies for Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer in the United States: Results from the National Cancer Data Base
Re: Robotic-Assisted Radical Cystectomy with Extracorporeal Urinary Diversion for Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder: Analysis of Complications and Oncologic Outcomes in 175 Patients with a Median Follow-up of 3 Years
Prostate Cancer Risk Alleles are Associated with Prostate Cancer Volume and Prostate Size
The Impact of Recent Screening Recommendations on Prostate Cancer Screening in a Large Health Care System
Urinary PCA3 as a Predictor of Prostate Cancer in a Cohort of 3,073 Men Undergoing Initial Prostate Biopsy
Improving Detection of Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer: Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Transrectal Ultrasound Fusion Guided Prostate Biopsy
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Value of Transition Zone Biopsy in Active Surveillance of Prostate Cancer
The Prevalence of Persistent Prostate Cancer after Radiotherapy Detected at Radical Cystoprostatectomy for Bladder Cancer
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Morbidity Associated with Primary High Intensity Focused Ultrasound and Redo High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Localized Prostate Cancer
Influencing Factors Leading to Malpractice Litigation in Radical Prostatectomy
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Reoperative Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection for Metastatic Germ Cell Tumors: Analysis of Local Recurrence and Predictors of Survival
Re: Metformin Use and All-Cause and Prostate Cancer-Specific Mortality among Men with Diabetes
Re: Marital Status and Survival in Patients with Cancer
Re: Cigarette Smoking is Associated with an Increased Risk of Biochemical Disease Recurrence, Metastasis, Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer, and Mortality after Radical Prostatectomy: Results from the SEARCH Database
Re: Does Comorbidity Influence the Risk of Myocardial Infarction or Diabetes During Androgen-Deprivation Therapy for Prostate Cancer?
Re: Prostatic Biopsies in Selected Men Aged 75 Years and Older Guide Key Clinical Management Decisions
Re: Lymph Node Management in Patients with Paratesticular Rhabdomyosarcoma: A Population-Based Analysis
Infection Related Hospitalizations after Prostate Biopsy in a Statewide Quality Improvement Collaborative
Statistical Validation of the Shorter-Moldwin Food Sensitivity Questionnaire for Patients with Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome
Urological Symptoms in a Subset of Patients with Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome and a Polysymptomatic, Polysyndromic Pattern of Presentation
Re: Histological Inflammation and Risk of Subsequent Prostate Cancer among Men with Initially Elevated Serum Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) Concentration in the Finnish Prostate Cancer Screening Trial
Re: Th1-Th17 Cells Contribute to the Development of Uropathogenic Escherichia coli-Induced Chronic Pelvic Pain
Re: Dietary Hyperoxaluria is Not Reduced by Treatment with Lactic Acid Bacteria
Re: Metabolic Disturbances and Renal Stone Promotion on Treatment with Topiramate: A Systematic Review
Re: Body Fat Content and Distribution and Urinary Risk Factors for Nephrolithiasis
Re: Defining Variation in Urinary Oxalate in Hyperoxaluric Stone Formers
Re: Comparison of Serum and Urinary Calcium Profile of Immobilized and Ambulant Trauma Patients
Re: Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing Shock Wave Lithotripsy and Flexible Ureterorenoscopy for Lower Pole Stones Smaller than 1 cm
Re: A Prospective, Randomized, Single-Blind Trial of 5-mm versus 3-mm Ports for Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Is Smaller Better?
Re: Anatomy of the Dorsal Nerve of the Penis, Clinical Implications
Re: Prospective Evaluation of a New Visual Prostate Symptom Score, the International Prostate Symptom Score, and Uroflowmetry in Men with Urethral Stricture Disease
Re: Outcome of 1-Stage Urethroplasty Using Oral Mucosal Grafts for the Treatment of Urethral Strictures Associated with Genital Lichen Sclerosus
Re: Risk of Kidney Stones with Surgical Intervention in Living Kidney Donors
Re: Postanastomotic Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis: Association with De Novo Class II Donor-Specific Antibodies
Association between Melatonin Secretion and Nocturia in Elderly Individuals: a Cross-Sectional Study of the HEIJO-KYO Cohort
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Re: Risk Factors for the Failure of Antimuscarinic Treatment with Solifenacin in Women with Overactive Bladder
Re: Cystectomy for Ulcerative Interstitial Cystitis: Sequelae and Patients’ Perceptions of Improvement
Re: Long-Term Results of Artificial Urinary Sphincter for Women with Type III Stress Urinary Incontinence
Re: The Artificial Urinary Sphincter after a Quarter of a Century: A Critical Systematic Review of its Use in Male Non-Neurogenic Incontinence
Re: Transcorporal Artificial Urinary Sphincter Implantation as a Salvage Surgical Procedure for Challenging Cases of Male Stress Urinary Incontinence: Surgical Technique and Functional Outcomes in a Contemporary Series
Re: Genetic Variants in 2q31 and 5p15 are Associated with Aggressive Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in a Chinese Population
Re: Effect of Selective Alpha-Blocker Tamsulosin on Erectile Function in Patients with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Due to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Re: Bipolar vs Monopolar Transurethral Resection of the Prostate: Evaluation of the Impact on Overall Sexual Function in an International Randomized Controlled Trial Setting
Re: The Risk of Adverse Outcomes in Association with Use of Testosterone Products: A Cohort Study Using the UK-Based General Practice Research Database
Change in Sexual Function in Men with Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms/Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Associated with Long-Term Treatment with Doxazosin, Finasteride and Combined Therapy
Relating Economic Conditions to Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal Frequencies: a Multi-Institutional Study
Re: Hypogonadism in Men with Chronic Pain Linked to the Use of Long-Acting Rather than Short-Acting Opioids
Re: Management of ED under the “Severe Distress” Criteria in the NHS: A Real-Life Study
Re: Outcomes of Abdominal Wall Reservoir Placement in Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Implantation: A Safe and Efficacious Alternative to the Space of Retzius
Re: A Guide for Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Reservoir Placement: Pertinent Anatomical Measurements of the Retropubic Space
Re: Evaluation of a Behavioral Treatment Intervention for Premature Ejaculation Using a Handheld Stimulating Device
Re: Bigger is Not Always Better: The Effect of Obesity on Sexual Satisfaction and Behavior of Adult Men in the United States
Re: The Association of Physical and Mental Health with Sexual Activity in Older Adults in a Retirement Community
Re: Functional and Nutritional State in Elderly Men with Compensated Hypogonadism
Re: Cancer Risk among Children Born after Assisted Conception
Re: Testicular Cell Transplantation into the Human Testes
Re: Impact of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy for Testicular Germ Cell Tumors on Spermatogenesis and Sperm DNA: A Multicenter Prospective Study from the CECOS Network
Re: Increased Risk of Cancer among Azoospermic Men
Re: A Novel Cell-Processing Method ‘AgarCytos’ in Conjunction with OCT3/4 and PLAP to Detect Intratubular Germ Cell Neoplasia in Non-Obstructive Azoospermia Using Remnants of Testicular Sperm Extraction Specimens
Oncologic Outcome and Urinary Function after Radical Cystectomy for Rhabdomyosarcoma in Children: Role of the Orthotopic Ileal Neobladder Based on 15-Year Experience at a Single Center
Reduced Flow after Tubularized Incised Plate Urethroplasty—Increased Fibrogenesis, Elastin Fiber Loss or Neither?
The Standardization of Terminology of Lower Urinary Tract Function in Children and Adolescents: Update Report from the Standardization Committee of the International Children's Continence Society
Long-Term Followup of Children with Nocturnal Enuresis: Increased Frequency of Nocturia in Adulthood
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Re: Adrenal Rest Tissue in Gonads of Patients with Classical Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia: Multicenter Study of 45 French Male Patients
Re: Germ Cell Tumor in an Adolescent with Extensive Testicular Microlithiasis: Concerns Regarding Future Management
Re: Penile Duplication: Is it Necessary to Excise One of the Penises?
Re: Single- vs. Multi-Stage Repair of Proximal Hypospadias: The Dilemma Continues
Bladder “Geodes:” An Unusual Manifestation of Cystolithiasis
Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (osis)
Folliculin Deficient Renal Cancer Cells Show Higher Radiosensitivity through Autophagic Cell Death
Inhibition of Grade Dependent Autophagy in Urothelial Carcinoma Increases Cell Death under Nutritional Limiting Condition and Potentiates the Cytotoxicity of Chemotherapeutic Agent
Differential Expression of SDF-1 Isoforms in Bladder Cancer
A Paracrine Mechanism Involving Renal Tubular Cells, Adipocytes and Macrophages Promotes Kidney Stone Formation in a Simulated Metabolic Syndrome Environment
Testosterone Changes Bladder and Kidney Structure in Juvenile Male Rats
Vasectomy Induces Oxidative Stress and Up-Regulates the Expression of Peroxiredoxins in Mouse Testis in Short and Early Periods after Surgery
Re: TALEN-Engineered AR Gene Rearrangements Reveal Endocrine Uncoupling of Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer
Re: Bispecific Small Molecule-Antibody Conjugate Targeting Prostate Cancer
Re: Leptin Signaling in GABA Neurons, but Not Glutamate Neurons, is Required for Reproductive Function
Re: Focused Ultrasonic Propulsion of Kidney Stones: Review and Update of Preclinical Technology
Re: Defining Progression in Nonmuscle Invasive Bladder Cancer: It is Time for a New, Standard Definition
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Re: Air Cystoscopy is Superior to Water Cystoscopy for the Diagnosis of Active Hematuria
Re: Air Cystoscopy is Superior to Water Cystoscopy for the Diagnosis of Active Hematuria
Re: Effect of Prior Radiotherapy and Ablative Therapy on Surgical Outcomes for the Treatment of Rectourethral Fistulas
Re: The Prostatic Urethral Lift for the Treatment of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Associated with Prostate Enlargement Due to Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: The L.I.F.T. Study
Role of Urinary Potassium in Interstitial Cystitis
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