Increasing Adherence to an AUA Guideline: A Durable Impact on Immediate Postoperative Mitomycin C Use

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Introduction:In this quality initiative we assessed whether providing surgeons with the American Urological Association guideline regarding intravesical mitomycin C at the time of surgery scheduling impacts compliance. Furthermore, we examined the durability of the intervention and the influence of surgeon volume on guideline adherence.Methods:All patients (105) undergoing transurethral bladder tumor resection from July 2015 to February 2016 at Virginia Mason Medical Center were included prospectively. At the scheduling of surgery urologists were provided with a preoperative tool that included the relevant guideline. Mitomycin C use during the study period was compared to historical and subsequent year's use. Additionally, we stratified results by high and low volume resectionists.Results:Before this study mitomycin C was used in 17.1% (25 of 146) of all resections. During the intervention period its use nearly tripled to 43% (28 of 65), an increase of 25.9%. The year after the intervention its use decreased to 32.7% (36 of 110). Durability was strongest for high volume surgeons and trended toward significance for low volume surgeons.Conclusions:Providing surgeons with a copy of the guideline at the time of surgery scheduling resulted in a threefold increase in guideline compliance. This change is durable and most impactful for higher volume surgeons. We believe this model can be used to ensure adherence and consideration for many guidelines.

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