Screening for Access Problems (Lecture)
Look at the Patient and Their Access!
Clearance is the King
Flow is the Boss
Physical Examination and Duplex Imaging
Shunt Angiography, the Gold Standard
Angioplasty is the Gold Standard
Surgical Revision is Underutilized
What is the Procedural Endpoint for Access Stenosis Angioplasty? (Lecture)
Technical and Long-Term Considerations in AV Shunt Angioplasty (Lecture)
Declotting the AV graft: An overview of available techniques (Lecture)
Arterial Emboli Due to Shunt Declotting: Who Cares?
Pulmonary Emboli Due to Shunt Declotting: We Care!
Declotting the AV Fistula: Is This Different Than Declotting the AV Graft? (Lecture)
Overview of Newer Percutaneous Strategies for Treating Dialysis Shunt Stenosis (Lecture)
Data Shows that Stents Prolong Angioplasty Results
Stents Don't Help at All
An Important Advantage
Unproven Technology
The Best Solution for AV Graft Restenosis So Far
Too Early to Tell
Not Advised
Never Too Early to Treat
Tunneled Dialysis Catheters: Indications and Techniques (Lecture)
Tunneled Catheter Design: Does it Matter? (Lecture)
The Tunneled Catheter is a Mature Technology and a Commercial Commodity
The Tunneled Catheter is in Its Infancy and There are Great Developments Ahead
Ported Dialysis Catheters: Dead as a Doornail or Ready for Lift-Off? (Lecture)
Fistula First Project: What, When and Why? (Lecture)
Fistulas First: Fistulas for Everyone, Should This Be The Standard?
Fistula Worst: Grafts are Great
The NIH-DAC Study: Improved Patency Through Medicine? (Lecture)
Better AV Grafts Now: Improved Surgical Techniques and Graft Conduits That All Surgeons Should Know About (Lecture)
Interrupted Clips Give a Better Outcome
Sutures are For Surgeons
Surgical Pearls in Dialysis Access (Lecture)
Five Things It Got Right
Five Things It Got Wrong
PD: A Viable Renal Replacement Therapy Option (Lecture)
Peritoneal Dialysis is Underutilized
Peritoneal Dialysis is Not a Solution for Most Patients with ESRD
Failure Modes of Peritoneal Dialysis Catheters and How to Handle Non-Infectious Failure (Lecture)
The Dialysis Access Team Concept