Our Algorithm for Determining the "Best" Dialysis Access
Peritoneal Dialysis: A Landscape of the "Forgotten" Dialysis Option
We Should Increase Prevalence Along the Lines of "Fistula First"
There Are Just Too Many Obstacles To Increasing PD In The US
Our Current Options Work Well
New Catheters Are Desperately Needed
Open, in the Operating Room by Surgeons
Laparoscopically in the OR by Surgeons, of course!
In the Interventional Suite by an Interventionalist
Fistula First Initiative: How We Got Here & Where We Are Going?
Sure, It Will Just Take More Education and Effort
No Way, Americans Aren't Europeans (Nor Are They Japanese)
The Immature AVF: Inappropriate Behavior and How it Can Be Modified (The Blame Game)
Poor Patient Selection, Lack of Pre-Op Imaging (Physician's Error)
Patients with Inadequate Veins or Prior Vein Abuse (Patient's Failure)
AVF Stenoses: Where and Why
Avoidable - Yes
Just Another Venous Stenosis that Responds to Angioplasty
Different Anatomy Needs Different Therapy
DAC Update and the Future of DAC
The Spectrum of Surgical Complications
The Spectrum of Percutaneous Complications
Prolonged PTA with/without Stenting
Covered Stents Bailout after Angioplasty-related Dialysis Shunt Rupture
Surgical Intervention Can Help to Avoid (or Repair) Rupture
Restoring Flow in the Clotted AVF: Is This Madness or Is There a Method?
That Cat's Got Nine Lives
The AVG is NOT Going Away Any Time Soon
Data Shows It Has Value
Data Shows It Has No Value
Angiography and Physical Exam Work (Who Has Time or $ For Flow Measurements?)
Flow Measurements Should Be the Goal for Adequate Technical Success
Clear Benefit
So Bad It Should Be Abandoned
High Pressure PTA: Higher Patency Rate on an Intent to Treat Basis?
Cryoplasty: Snowball's Chance?
Cutting Balloon: Cutting Edge?
Stents: Did We Bail Out Too Soon?
Covered Stents: The Magic Bullet?
Is an AVG Ever Preferred Over an AVF?
Creative Surgical Solutions for Creating and Revising AV Shunts
The DRIL Procedure
Banding is Better
The rationale for crew resource management
Shunt Aneurysms/Pseudoaneurysms: Etiology and When to Treat
Surgical Revision
Percutaneous Revision
Peritoneal Dialysis: Emerging Therapies
Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter Advances
Hemodialysis Access Without an AV Shunt: IS IT POSSIBLE?
Subclavian and Brachiocephalic Stenoses and Occlusions: What Do They Mean, When Should They be Treated, and What Treatment Options are Best?
Stents or Covered Stents
Pacemaker-Induced Central Venous Stenoses in Hemodialysis Patients
Central Venous Catheters: What We Know and What We Don't Know
Nothing Really Matters
Everything Matters: Size, Tip Design, Coatings
Access Clinic. Access Decisions and the Multi-Disciplinary Care Our Patients Deserve
Vascular Access for Hemodialysis and the Principle of Communicating Vessels: Perspective of an Italian Vascular Surgeon
Catheter Tip Position: Why a Controversy?
Catheter Tip Position: Outside the Atrium
Catheter Tip Position: In the Atrium
Long-term Dialysis Catheters: Dual Lumen or Dual Catheter?
Central Venous Catheter and Vascular Damage: Before Surrendering…
Catheter Lock Solutions: It is Time for a Change
Anticoagulation in Dialysis Patients with Central Venous Catheters: A Word of Caution
Anticoagulation Therapy Prevents Hemodialysis Tunneled Cuffed Catheter (TCC) Thrombosis
Arteriovenous Fistula to the Last
The Central Venous Catheter Can Be Better
Clinical Audit on Vascular Accesses: The Lombardy Experience
An Interesting Meeting
Walking Towards the Guidelines: Experience From the Marche Region
The QB Stress Test: A Useful Tool in Vascular Access Monitoring
Vascular Access Early Failure: Surgical Error or Wrong Indication?
Steno-Thrombosis of Vascular Access for Hemodialysis: The Surgical Point of View
Color Doppler Ultrasound (CDU) Surveillance of Hemodialysis Vascular Access
The Role of the Vascular Access Coordinator: An Example of Co-operation Between Physicians and Nurses