Simulation training for vascular access interventions
A case of bleeding access
Controversies in Dialysis Access (CiDA) Simulation On Dialysis Access (SoDA) The 7th Annual CiDA Meeting In San Francisco
The Art of Controversy
PD First: We should insist that PD be considered first
Graft First: For Some Patients We Should Insist on Grafts First
Fistula First: When Does the FFBI Think that an AVF Should NOT be Considered First?
How to Convert Good Imaging to Good Surgical Results - Bridging the Information Gap
60% AVF Immaturity (DAC) and 81% Catheter Initiation of HD. Can FFBI Fix This?
Why Surgeons Should Create AV Access in a Hospital Based Setting
How Nephrologists Can Safely Create Arterial-Venous Access in an Outpatient Center
The Center Effect: Speaking of the Unspoken Impact of Teamwork
Surgical Training Programs
We Really Don't Know How to Use pre-op Vascular Mapping to Further Reduce Immaturity Rates
Some AVF Veins Dilate and Some Don't, Why?
The Balloon that Dilates the Vein that Doesn't Dilate: Balloon-assisted Maturation
Accessory Drainage Veins (ADV): What Are They and When Do They Matter?
Fact: Accessory Veins Are a Real Cause of Immaturity
Fiction: There's no proof that accessory veins cause immaturity
Arteriovenous Fistula Immaturity: Inflow Stenoses - Etiology and Treatment of Arterial and Juxta-anastomotic Stenoses
Access Patency Following PTA of AV Circuit Venous Outflow Stenosis -Good Enough?
Bare Metal Stents in AV Access: Update on Patency Results and Implications for Use
Covered Stents for Access Intervention: From Here to Where?
Does the Infected Access Need to Be Removed?
PAD Incidence in HD Patients
Who's Responsible for Vascular Access Care in the Dialysis Patient? The Clinical Nephrologist
A Vascular Specialist: Who is Responsible for Vascular Disease Care in the Dialysis Patient
Cardiac Function in the ESRD Patient
Good Flow in an AV Access is Detrimental to the Heart in the ESRD Patient
Good Flow in an AV Access is Not Detrimental to the Cardiac Function in ESRD Patients
Chronic Rhythm Management Devices and Leads
Don't Ever Stent Over that Lead!
Controversies in Management of Central Vein Stenosis associated with Cardiac Rhythm Management Device (CRMD) Leads: There are Times to Stent Over That Lead!
The Achilles Heel, Toe, and Floor of AVG's: What Causes AVG Venous Anastomotic Stenosis?
What We've Learned from the Dialysis Access Consortium Regarding AVG's
What is Being Done to Improve AVG Primary and Cumulative Patency Rates?
Fact: PTA Unless a Covered Stent Is Needed
AVG Cannulation "Pseudoaneurysms"- My Approach
Controversies in the Treatment of AV Graft Cannulation Pseudoaneurysms: Covered Stents When Possible
Graft Pseudoaneurysms - Surgery is the Gold Standard
How Bad is the Problem of Central Vein Obstruction in the Dialysis Population?
Fact: A National Strategy to Avoid Catheters
Treat the Stenosis Before Surgery or Consider a Graft-catheter
Place the AV Access and Worry About the Obstruction if it's a Problem
The Swollen Arm (Due to Central Venous Obstruction on the Same Side as a Functional AV Access Circuit): What We Know and don't Know
Percutaneous Techniques for Reconstruction of the Occluded Central Vein
Surgical Techniques of Central Vein Reconstruction
The Emperor's New Clothes? Are the Effects of Catheter Coatings and Surface Treatments Visible?
The Controversies in Catheter Coatings. Do Biologically Active Catheters Represent an Advance? WE ARE STILL NOT SURE
National Standards for Suspected Catheter Infection and Catheter Revision
Is Heparin the Best Solution? Other Options for "Locking" Catheters
A Hybrid Graft/Catheter Device - Are We Smarter Now that We Have Used it for 2 Years?