Controversies in Dialysis Access (CiDA), Oct 24–25, 2013 : Simulation on Dialysis Access (SoDA), Oct 26, 2013
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Non-Functional, Retained AVG's Correlate with Severity of Inflammation in ESRD Patients
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AV Access Surveillance: Gotta Do It, But Does it Ever Matter?
Detecting AV Access Dysfunction: Man vs. Machine
The Hidden Cost of Access Complications: Facility Perspective
Debate: How to Follow an AVG after Declotting. Monitoring and Surveillance at the Dialysis Unit is the Standard of Care - Not Clinic Visits and Duplex
Clinically Timed Evaluations Reduce Thrombosis Rates
Post-Market Study of a Stent-Graft in AVG's: What We Learned from the RENOVA Trial
REVISE Update - Stent Grafts Improve Patency at Venous Anastomosis
Rescue the Access! FLUENCY® PLUS Endovascular Stent Graft for In-stent Restenosis (RESCUE) Trial Update
AV Fistula Cannulation Device, Clinical Trial Update for the Venous Window Needle Guide
Recombinant Human Elastase to Promote AVF Maturation and Patency
Percutaneous AVF Creation: A New Endovascular Procedure
Covered Stents in the Management of Central Venous Stenosis
Surgical Decompression and Treatment for Central Venous Obstruction in Dialysis Access Patients - How to Select Patients for Success
Bypass the Occlusion (HeRO or Surgical Reconstruction)
How Early Can Arteriovenous Fistula Immaturity Be Detected?
Creating Functional Arteriovenous Fistulas in Obese Individuals Using Cephalic Vein Outflow. The Deep AV Fistula: Options and Outcomes of Treatment
Accessory Veins: The Crisis Upon Us
Etiology of Cephalic Arch Stenosis: Does Arch Anatomy and Physiology Contribute?
CAS: Surgery is the Best First Step
VIABAHN® Stent-Graft for the Primary Treatment of Cephalic Arch Stenosis in Brachio-Cephalic Autogenous Hemodialysis Accesses
Stealing and Bleeding: Two Things You Get Sued For. Now What?
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