2014 11th Annual Controversies in Dialysis Access (CiDA) and Simulation on Dialysis Access (SoDA) at the Grand America Hotel, Salt Lake City, UT
Training and certification in dialysis access
Simulation of Dialysis Access (SoDA) - Eight Stations Hands-On Dialysis Access Simulation
F is not for Fistula
PD in the ICU: Reality or Myth?
PD Catheter Type Makes a Difference? : Yes, It Does Make a Difference
PD Catheter Type Makes a Difference? : No, It Does Not Make a Difference
Cost Analysis of Hemodialysis Permanent Vascular Accesses: Arteriovenous Fistula versus Arteriovenous Graft
New Avenues for Dialysis Access Training and Certification
More Unchartered Territory: Navigating New National Standards for Access Procedures
Trinity of Care: Components of Effective Dialysis Access Training
Where Would I Get My Outpatient Vascular Access Intervention?
Fact or Fiction: Anastomotic Techniques Reduce Juxta-Anastomotic Stenosis
Deep Basilic Vein: Teaching Algorithm for the Best Options
Surgery and AVF immaturity: What matters most? : Patient factors are most important
Surgery and AVF Immaturity: What Matters Most? : Surgical Judgment and Technique Are Most Important
Embolization of accessory veins redux: What did I get wrong? What did I get right?
When Declotting an AVF, What Really Matters?
This AVF Clotted Yesterday: Try to Salvage It? : Yes: It Should Be Tried Percutaneously
Surgical Salvage of Thrombosed Arteriovenous fistula
Is There Any Role for Bare Metal Stents in Dialysis Access?
Central Venous Obstruction (CVO) - Worse than Lymphoma!
Rethinking central venous stenosis
Novel Payment Models to Encourage Quality and Efficiency
Re-thinking quality metrics for vascular access care
Comprehensive Interventional Care at the Out-Patient Dialysis Center - Diversify? : Yes: Alignment and Integration for Comprehensive Patient Care
Comprehensive Interventional Care at the Out-Patient Dialysis Center - Diversify? : No: Too Close for Comfort, Favors Self-Referral
PD - What Should Nephrologists Be Doing to Increase Adoption and Expand Training?
How to Troubleshoot PD Catheter Malfunction
Who decides between Peritoneal and Hemo-Dialysis? Surgeons Should Make Most of these Decisions
Increasing Peritoneal Dialysis Utilization
Who Decides Between PD and HD? : The Joint Committee: “The Access Team” per (National) Policies and Procedures