Aortic Graft Infection: Update on Management and Treatment Options

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Replacement of the abdominal aorta, whether by autogenous or prosthetic conduit, has been an a priori requisite in the vascular surgeon's armamentarium since its technical feasibility was described in the early 1950s. The Achilles' heel of this operation, in spite of the progress made over the last half century, is still, however, aortic graft infection. Though survival and limb salvage rates have improved over time-commensurate with advances in surgical technique, critical care, and antimicrobial agents-the prevention and treatment of aortic graft infection remains a formidable challenge to the vascular surgeon. The authors herein review the current literature on this topic with an emphasis on the surgical management options available and suggest an individualized operative strategy based on patient as well as microbial factors to attain the best possible outcome.

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