Fibrinogen: Structure, Function, and Surface Interactions
Transcatheter Interventions for the Treatment of Peripheral Atherosclerotic Lesions: Part I
Recanalization of the Obstructed Nasolacrimal Duct System
Nasolacrimal Stents in the Management of Epiphora: Medium-term Results of a Multicenter Prospective Study
Treatment of Hemodialysis Catheter-associated Fibrin Sheaths by rt-PA Infusion: Critical Analysis of 124 Procedures
Genitourinary Imaging: Case Review
Osteoid Osteoma: CT-guided Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation and Follow-up in 47 Patients
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters: Outcome as a Function of the Operator
Isolated Lower Extremity Chemotherapeutic Infusion for Treatment of Osteosarcoma: Experimental Study and Preliminary Clinical Report
Evaluation of the LGM Vena-Tech Infrarenal Vena Cava Filter in an Ovine Venous Thromboembolism Model
Evaluation of Renal Arteries with Use of Gadoterate Meglumine-, CO2-, and Iodixanol-enhanced DSA Measurements versus Histomorphometry in Renal Artery Restenosis in Rabbits
Real-time MR Guidance for Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement in an Animal Model
Treatment of Fibromuscular Dysplasia and Renal Artery Aneurysm with Use of a Stent-Graft
Neurologic Injury after Endovascular Stent-Graft and Bilateral Internal Iliac Artery Embolization for Infrarenal Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Evaluation of Various Maneuvers for Prevention of Air Embolism During Central Venous Catheter Placement
Transcatheter Occlusion of a Large Pulmonary Arteriovenous Malformation with Use of a Cardioseal Device
Fatal Paradoxic Embolism Occurring during IVC Filter Insertion in a Patient with Chronic Pulmonary Thromboembolic Disease
A Hemorrhagic Complication of Neurofibromatosis
Re: The Legs For Life® Screening for Peripheral Vascular Disease: Compliance with Physician Recommendations in Moderate- and High-Risk Assessed Patients
Common Bronchial Artery Trunk Originating from the Left Subclavian Artery
MRA Diagnosis
Endovascular Stent-Grafts
Vascular Surgery
Thromboembolic Disease
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature