The Use of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives in Peripheral Embolization
Intravascular Radiation Therapy after Balloon Angioplasty of Narrowed Femoropopliteal Arteries to Prevent Restenosis: Results of the PARIS Feasibility Clinical Trial
Predictors of Long-term Patency after Femoropopliteal Angioplasty: Results from the STAR Registry
Venous Interventional Radiology With Clinical Perspective, 2nd Edition
Randomized Study to Compare PTA Alone versus PTA with Palmaz Stent Placement for Femoropopliteal Lesions
Placement of Hemobahn Stent-Grafts in Femoropopliteal Arteries: Early Experience and Midterm Results in 18 Patients
Recombinant Tissue Plasminogen Activator (Alteplase) for Restoration of Flow in Occluded Central Venous Access Devices: A Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Trial—The Cardiovascular Thrombolytic to Open Occluded Lines (COOL) Efficacy Trial
Right Gastric Artery Embolization to Prevent Acute Gastric Mucosal Lesions in Patients Undergoing Repeat Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy
Risk Factors for Liver Abscess Formation after Hepatic Chemoembolization
The Porcine Hemodialysis Access Model
Use of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol Copolymer for Tubal Sterilization by Selective Catheterization in Rabbits
Accuracy of CO2 Angiography in Vessel Diameter Assessment: A Comparative Study of CO2 versus Iodinated Contrast Material in a Porcine Model
Use of a TrapEase Device as a Temporary Caval Filter
Anchoring a Migrating Inferior Vena Cava Stent with Use of a T-Fastener
A New Twist on the Waltman Loop for Uterine Artery Embolization for Fibroids
Transient Arterial Hypotension Induced by Polymethylmethacrylate Injection during Percutaneous Vertebroplasty
MRA Diagnosis
Endovascular Stent-Grafts
Carotid Interventions
Thromboembolic Disease
Vena Cava Filters
Dialysis Access
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature