Dr. Gary J. Becker Young Investigator Award: Comparison of Small-Diameter Type 1 Collagen Stent-Grafts and PTFE Stent-Grafts in a Canine Model—Work in Progress
Image-guided Radiofrequency Tumor Ablation: Challenges and Opportunities—Part II
The Legs For Life® Screening for Peripheral Vascular Disease: Results of a Prospective Study Designed to Improve Patient Compliance with Physician Recommendations
Thrombosed Hemodialysis Grafts: Lyse and Wait with Tissue Plasminogen Activator or Urokinase Compared to Mechanical Thrombolysis with the Arrow-Trerotola Percutaneous Thrombolytic Device
Textbook of Endovascular Procedures
Endovenous Laser Treatment of the Incompetent Greater Saphenous Vein
Development of Aneurysms
Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters with Distal versus Proximal Valves: Prospective Randomized Trial
Effect of MR Angiography on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Patients with Suspected Renovascular Disease
Comparison of In Vitro Effectiveness of Mechanical Thrombectomy Devices
Dynamic Intrahepatic Flow and Cellular Alterations during Radiofrequency Ablation of Liver Tissue in Mice
Therapeutic Elastase Inhibition by Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Gene Transfer Limits Neointima Formation in Normal Rabbits
Recent Trends in Central Venous Catheter Placement: A Comparison of Interventional Radiology with Other Specialties
Intraarterial Chemotherapy of Liver Metastases: Implantation of a Microcatheter-Port System with Use of Modified Fixed Catheter Tip Technique
Ultrasound Guidance in Accessing the Afferent Limb of a Modified Roux-en-Y Choledochojejunostomy for Percutaneous Dilation of Biliary Strictures
Type III Heart Block with Peripheral Use of the AngioJet Thrombectomy System
Percutaneous Closure of a Subclavian Artery Injury after Inadvertent Catheterization
Spontaneous Extraperitoneal Hemorrhage with Hemodynamic Collapse in Patients Undergoing Anticoagulation: Management with Selective Arterial Embolization
Re: Use of an Amplatz Goose Neck Snare as a Target for Collateral Neck Vein Dialysis Catheter Placement
Re: Appraising Decision and Cost-Effective Analyses
Re: Appraising Decision and Cost-Effective Analyses
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Vascular Surgery
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature
Abstracts of Current Literature