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The Rise and Fall of Arterial Interventions: Presentations at the Society of Interventional Radiology Annual Scientific Meeting
Hazardous Chemical Splatter during Liver Chemoembolization
Phase I/II Multiinstitutional Study of Uterine Artery Embolization with Gelatin Sponge for Symptomatic Uterine Leiomyomata: Japan Interventional Radiology in Oncology Study Group Study
Angioplasty for Renal Artery Stenosis in Pediatric Patients: An 11-year Retrospective Experience
Percutaneous Femoral Implantation of an Arterial Port Catheter for Intraarterial Chemotherapy: Feasibility and Predictive Factors of Long-term Functionality
Pathologic Assessment of Radiofrequency Ablation of Pulmonary Metastases
Renewing Focus on Resident Education: Increased Responsibility and Ownership in Interventional Radiology Rotations Improves the Educational Experience
Comparing Strategies for Operator Eye Protection in the Interventional Radiology Suite
Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells Ablation with Endovascular Nonthermal Irreversible Electroporation
Radiofrequency Ablation of the Liver: Extended Effect of Transcatheter Arterial Embolization with Iodized Oil and Gelatin Sponge on Histopathologic Changes during Follow-up in a Pig Model
High-fidelity Computer Models for Prospective Treatment Planning of Radiofrequency Ablation with In Vitro Experimental Correlation
Temperature-dependent Electrode Repositioning for Multiple Overlapping Radiofrequency Ablation in Ex Vivo Porcine Livers
Endovascular Treatment of Acute Limb Ischemia Secondary to Fracture of a Popliteal Artery Stent
Automated Quantification of Aortoaortic and Aortoiliac Angulation for Computed Tomographic Angiography of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms before Endovascular Repair: Preliminary Study
Symptomatic Vertebral Artery Stent Fracture: A Case Report
Use of Self-expanding Intracranial Stents in the Treatment of Acute Ischemic Stroke
Transsplenic Endovascular Therapy of Portal Vein Stenosis and Subsequent Complete Portal Vein Thrombosis in a 2-year-old Child
Sharp Recanalization Using a Subintimal Reentry Device, Angioplasty, and Stent Placement for Severely Symptomatic Iliofemoral Deep Venous Thrombosis Secondary to Congenital Aplasia of the Inferior Vena Cava
Vocal Cord Paralysis after Percutaneous Embolization of a Vagal Paraganglioma—The Role of Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring
Re: Bilateral versus Unilateral Femoral Access for Uterine Artery Embolization—Results of a Randomized Comparative Trial
Drs. Constantino et al respond
Angiojet Rheolytic Thrombectomy in Massive Pulmonary Embolism: Locally Efficacious but Systemically Deleterious?
Drs. Kuo and Hofmann respond
Endografting the True Lumen and False Lumen of an Enlarging Infrarenal Aortic Aneurysm
Endovascular Therapy of a Traumatic Chronic Popliteal Arteriovenous Fistula Using an AMPLATZER Vascular Plug
Embolism after Inferior Vena Cava Filter Mesh Fragmentation
A Complication of a G2 Bard Filter
Erratum: Bilateral versus Unilateral Femoral Access for Uterine Artery Embolization: Results of a Randomized Comparative Trial
Abstracts of Current Literature