Role of Digital Artery Adrenoceptors in Raynaud's Disease
Radial Artery Compliance in Patients with Peripheral Vascular Disease
Effect of Felodipine on Regional Blood Supply and Collateral Vascular Resistance in Patients with Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease
Changes in the Amplitude of Cyclic Load Biphasically Modulate Endothelial Cell DNA Synthesis and Division
Cost-Effective Strategies for the Management of Vascular Disease
The Endothelin System in Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology
Physiologic Aspects of Drug Therapy and Large Artery Elastic Properties
Intravenous Thrombolytic Therapy in Acute Stroke
Thromboangiitis Obliterans (Buerger's Disease)
Cystic Adventitial Disease of the Popliteal Artery
European Working Group on Medical Angiology
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