The Notch pathway is a critical regulator of angiogenesis in a skin model of ischemia
Treatment effect with anti-RAGE F(ab′)2 antibody improves hind limb angiogenesis and blood flow in Type 1 diabetic mice with left femoral artery ligation
Vascular and central hemodynamic changes following exercise-induced heat stress
Effect of aspirin on acute changes in peripheral arterial stiffness and endothelial function following exertional heat stress in firefighters
Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker use is associated with reduced major adverse cardiovascular events among patients with critical limb ischemia
Endovascular medicine certification 2005–2014
Application of exercise transcutaneous oxygen pressure measurements for detection of proximal lower extremity arterial disease
Postpartum reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome
Dysphagia aortica with left atrial compression
‘Ski-jump’ toenails – A phenotypic manifestation of primary lymphedema
Raynaud’s phenomenon
Abstracts to be Presented at the 2015 26th Annual Scientific Sessions
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