Effect of vitamin B12 and folic acid supplementation on biomarkers of endothelial function and inflammation among elderly individuals with hyperhomocysteinemia
Endothelial interleukin-21 receptor up-regulation in peripheral artery disease
Multiple biomarkers for mortality prediction in peripheral arterial disease
The association between ischemic and jeopardized myocardia and all-cause mortality in patients with peripheral artery disease
Community walking speed, sedentary or lying down time, and mortality in peripheral artery disease
Occult peripheral artery disease is common and limits the benefit achieved in cardiac rehabilitation
Impact of deteriorated calcium-phosphate homeostasis on amputation-free survival after endovascular revascularization in patients with critical limb ischemia on hemodialysis
Beyond revascularization – Quality of hemodialysis and its impact on amputation prevention
Coronary endothelial dysfunction in non-obstructive coronary artery disease
Antithrombotic therapy in peripheral artery disease
Visceral fibromuscular dysplasia in a patient with chronic abdominal pain
Leukemia cutis imitating venous ulcerations
Lower extremity ulcers
2016 SVM Scientific Sessions and 2015 Year in Review