Combined effects of physical inactivity and acute hyperglycemia on arterial distensibility
Reliability of peripheral arterial tonometry in patients with heart failure, diabetic nephropathy and arterial hypertension
Acute procedural outcomes of orbital atherectomy for the treatment of common femoral artery disease : Sub-analysis of the CONFIRM Registries
Long-term outcomes in patients with critical limb ischemia and heart failure with preserved or reduced ejection fraction
Ten-year single-centre experience with type II endoleaks : Intervention versus observation
Ultrasound-facilitated, catheter-directed, low-dose fibrinolysis in elderly patients with pulmonary embolism : A SEATTLE II sub-analysis
Specialized consultations in a hospital-based referral center for patients suspected of having limb lymphedema : Impact on diagnosis
Evidence-based medicine and contemporary certification : Analysis of the American Board of Vascular Medicine endovascular board examination
The American Board of Vascular Medicine Endovascular Board Examination – Raising the bar by testing the test
Warfarin management in the setting of FVII deficiency and mechanical circulatory support
Asymptomatic aortic coarctation diagnosed because of large abdominal arterial collateral
Simultaneous carotid body and mediastinum paragangliomas
Scurvy – surprisingly not yet extinct
Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)
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