Chemokine Receptors and Their Role in Vascular Biology
Blockade of Angiotensin II Type 1 Receptors
Role of Voltage-Dependent and Ca2+-Activated K+ Channels on the Regulation of Isometric Force in Porcine Coronary Artery
Off-Line Analysis of Red Blood Cell Velocity in Renal Arterioles
Reactive Oxygen Species and Acute Modulation of Albumin Microvascular Leakage in the Microcirculation of Diabetic Rats in vivo
Neural Endothelin in Hypertension
Effect of TGF-β1 Antisense S-Oligonucleotide on Synthesis and Accumulation of Matrix Proteoglycans in Balloon Catheter-Injured Neointima of Rabbit Carotid Arteries
Effect of Venous and Lymphatic Congestion on Lymph Capillary Pressure of the Skin in Healthy Volunteers and Patients with Lymph Edema
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