Magnetofection Potentiates Gene Delivery to Cultured Endothelial Cells
Visualization of Leukocyte Transendothelial and Interstitial Migration Using Reflected Light Oblique Transillumination in Intravital Video Microscopy
In situ Analysis of Coronary Terminal Arteriole Diameter Responses
Delayed Recovery of Receptor-Mediated Functional Responses to Acetylcholine in Mouse Isolated Carotid Arteries following Endothelial Denudation in vivo
Quantitative Assessment of Angiogenesis in Murine Antigen-Induced Arthritis by Intravital Fluorescence Microscopy
CD31 Regulates Direction and Rate of Neutrophil Migration over and under Endothelial Cells
Myoendothelial Gap Junctions May Provide the Pathway for EDHF in Mouse Mesenteric Artery
Interaction between Nitric Oxide and Cyclooxygenase Pathways in Endothelial Cells
Membership of the ESM