Widespread Delta-Like-1 Expression in Normal Adult Mouse Tissue and Injured Endothelium Is Reflected by Expression of the Dll1LacZ Locus
Small Artery Remodeling and Erythrocyte Deformability in L-NAME-Induced Hypertension
The Influence of Exogenous Tissue Factor on the Regulators of Proliferation and Apoptosis in Endothelial Cells
Cyclic AMP-Independent CGRP8–37-Sensitive Receptors Mediate Adrenomedullin-Induced Decrease of CaCl2-Contraction in Pregnant Rat Mesenteric Artery
Resistance of the Internal Mammary Artery to Restenosis
The Endotheliny-1 Pathway and the Development of Cardiovascular Defects in the Haemodynamically Challenged Chicken Embryo
Geometric Characteristics of Arterial Network of Rat Pial Microcirculation
Phenotypic and Functional Differences between Human Liver Cancer Endothelial Cells and Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells
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