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In: “Perforator vein incompetence in chronic venous disease: A multivariate regression analysis model”
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Regarding “A new approach to carotid angioplasty and stenting with transcervial occlusion and protective shunting
Regarding “Aortofemoral bypass in young patients with premature atherosclerosis
Regarding “Aortofemoral bypass in young patients with premature atherosclerosis
Regarding “Floating thoracic aortic thrombus in ‘protein S’ deficient patient”
Regarding “Floating thoracic aortic thrombus in ‘protein S’ deficient patient”
Regarding “Decreased use of iliac extensions and reduced graft junctions with software assisted centerline measurements”
Regarding “Decreased use of iliac extensions and reduced graft junctions with software assisted centerline measurements”
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