Outcome of the pivotal study of the Aptus endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysms repair system
Elective endovascular aortic repair conversion for type Ia endoleak is not associated with increased morbidity or mortality compared with primary juxtarenal aneurysm repair
Postapproval outcomes of juxtarenal aortic aneurysms treated with the Zenith fenestrated endovascular graft
Dutch experience with the fenestrated Anaconda endograft for short-neck infrarenal and juxtarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm repair
Outcome and quality of life after endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair in octogenarians
Effects of weekend admission on the outcomes and management of ruptured aortic aneurysms
Predictive value of negative initial postoperative imaging after endovascular aortic aneurysm repair
New-generation stent grafts for endovascular management of thoracic pseudoaneurysms after aortic coarctation repair
Outcomes of covered versus bare-metal balloon-expandable stents for aortoiliac occlusive disease
Outcomes after redo aortobifemoral bypass for aortoiliac occlusive disease
Endovascular treatment of lesions in the below-knee popliteal artery
Endovascular treatment for symptomatic stent failures in long-segment chronic total occlusion of femoropopliteal arteries
Cost-effectiveness of revascularization for limb preservation in patients with end-stage renal disease
Retrograde pedal access for patients with critical limb ischemia
Predictive scoring model of mortality after surgical or endovascular revascularization in patients with critical limb ischemia
Ankle-brachial index, toe-brachial index, and cardiovascular mortality in persons with and without diabetes mellitus
Peripheral arterial disease, gender, and depression in the Heart and Soul Study
Six-minute walk test closely correlates to “real-life” outdoor walking capacity and quality of life in patients with intermittent claudication
Anatomic findings and outcomes associated with upper extremity arteriography and selective thrombolysis for acute finger ischemia
Closure technique after carotid endarterectomy influences local hemodynamics
Antiplatelet effects of clopidogrel dose adjustment (75 mg/d vs 150 mg/d) after carotid stenting
Efficacy of right axillary artery perfusion for antegrade cerebral perfusion in open total arch repair
Observation and surgery are associated with low risk of amputation for blunt brachial artery injury in pediatric patients
Anatomic characteristics and natural history of renal artery aneurysms during longitudinal imaging surveillance
Human type I pancreatic elastase treatment of arteriovenous fistulas in patients with chronic kidney disease
Invited commentary
Correlation of pre-existing radial artery macrocalcifications with late patency of primary radiocephalic fistulas in diabetic hemodialysis patients
Flow reversal promotes intimal thickening in vein grafts
Role of Girdin in intimal hyperplasia in vein grafts and efficacy of atelocollagen-mediated application of small interfering RNA for vein graft failure
Trehalose protects against spinal cord ischemia in rabbits
“Cheese wire” fenestration of a chronic aortic dissection flap for endovascular repair of a contained aneurysm rupture
Endovascular treatment of a giant hepatic artery aneurysm with Amplatzer vascular plug
Asymptomatic aortic occlusion secondary to abdominal aortic aneurysm
Transiliac wing alternate route bypass for infected groin vascular graft
A meta-analysis to compare Dacron versus polytetrafluroethylene grafts for above-knee femoropopliteal artery bypass
Excellence in vascular surgery: Maintaining high standards
Extending life or prolonging death: When is enough actually too much?
Preliminary experience of laparoscopic renal artery aneurysm clipping surgery
Peripheral occlusive disease may provide the highest hospital margins despite rising costs
Aspirin in Patients Undergoing Noncardiac Surgery
Lipidomics Profiling and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in the Prospective Population-Based Bruneck Study
Racial and Regional Differences in Venous Thromboembolism in the United States in Three Cohorts
Randomized Clinical Trial of Selective Versus Routine Preoperative Duplex Ultrasound Imaging Before Arteriovenous Fistula Surgery
Vertebral Artery Hypoplasia: Frequency and Effect on Cerebellar Blood Flow Characteristics
Effect of Regional Cooperation on Outcomes From Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Application of New Cholesterol Guidelines to a Population-Based Sample
Clopidogrel Plus Aspirin Versus Warfarin in Patients With Stroke and Aortic Arch Plaques
Identification of Patients with a Histologically Unstable Carotid Plaque Using Ultrasonic Plaque Image Analysis
Endovascular Technique for Arterial Shunting to Prevent Intraoperative Ischemia
Development of an Automated Measure of Iliac Artery Tortuosity that Successfully Predicts Early Graft-Related Complications Associated with Endovascular Aneurysm Repair
The Effect of Supervision on Walking Distance in Patients with Intermittent Claudication: A Meta-analysis
Anemia, an Independent Predictive Factor for Amputation and Mortality in Patients Hospitalized for Peripheral Artery Disease
Incidence and Risk Factors for Venous Reflux in the General Population: Edinburgh Vein Study
The Effect of p27kip1 on Arterial Remodeling in Response to Hind Limb Ischemia
The Impact of Vein Harvesting Technique on Wound Complications and Graft Patency after Infrainguinal Arterial Bypass
Indocyanine Green Angiographic Criteria Using Ingress and Ingress Rate to Detect SVS Lower Extremity Threatened Limb Classification (WIfI) Grade 3 Ischemia
Intraoperative Completion Imaging Does Not Improve Primary Patency for Lower Extremity Bypass: A Vascular Quality Initiative Analysis
Presentation of Symptomatic PAD in Patients with Chronic HIV Infection
Geometry and Respiratory-Induced Deformation of Abdominal Branch Vessels Following Complex EVAR
Zenith p-Branch Fenestrated Endovascular Graft: How Close “Off-the-Shelf” Repair for Asian Patients with Juxtarenal Aortic Aneurysms?
Initial Experience with Endovascular Treatment of Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm Using Physician-Modified Endografts: B-TEVAR IDE Study
Physician-Modified Endovascular Grafts: Graft Creation
The Impact of Endovascular Repair (EVAR) of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA) on Resident Training in Elective Open Aneurysm Repair
Brachial Artery Volume Flow by Duplex Predicts Dialysis Access Maturation
Migration Towards Proximal Location Improves Maturation Rate of Arteriovenous Fistula
Intraoperative Evaluation Is Superior to Preoperative Venous Mapping in Predicting Arteriovenous Fistula Success
Utilization of Venous Duplex Scanning and Postoperative Venograms in Patients With Subclavian Vein Thrombosis
Carotid Stent Performance: Experience Matters More Than Specialty
Predictors and Consequences of Hemodynamic Instability Following Carotid Artery Stenting
Cranial Nerve Injury (CNI) in the Carotid Revascularization Endarterectomy versus Stenting Trial (CREST): Incidence, Outcomes and Quality of Life
The Pulseless Limb in War Trauma: Does It Predict an Arterial Injury?
Popliteal Artery Trauma: Is There a Standardized Approach To Managing These Patients? Results of a Survey
What Is the Normal Toe Brachial Index? Results From Healthy Young Adults
Outcomes Following Stent Graft Therapy of Dissection-Related Aneurysmal Degeneration in the Descending Thoracic Aorta
Staged Hybrid Repair of Combined Ascending/Descending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms Using the Frozen Elephant Trunk Technique With the Cook Zenith Tx2 Stent Graft
Adherence to EVAR Device Instructions for Use (IFU) Guidelines Has No Impact on Long-Term Outcomes
Extended Proximal Seal Zone During EVAR Predicts Aneurysm Sac Regression
Endovascular Stent-Graft Repair of Proximal Renal Artery Aneurysms
Cardiac Stress Testing During Workup for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair Does Not Improve Patient Outcomes
Deterministic Effects Following FEVAR Are Less Prevalent Than Expected
Custom Fenestration Templates for Endovascular Repair of Juxtarenal Aortic Aneurysms
Risk Factors and Outcomes of Postoperative Ischemic Colitis in Contemporary Open and Endovascular Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Repair
The Use of Micro-Oxygen Sensors (MOXYs) to Determine Dynamic Relative Oxygen Indices in the Foot of Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) During an Endovascular Therapy: The First-in-Man ‘Si Se Puede' Study
More Aggressive Anticoagulation/Antiplatelet Regimen Improves Patency Following Viabahn Stent Grafting of the SFA
A Multiregional Vascular Registry Experience: Optimization of Data Capture for Longitudinal Outcomes Surveillance Using an Electronic Medical Record
A Randomized Comparison of Specialized Versus Standard Compression After Saphenous Vein Ablation
The need for a validated pathway for the diagnosis and management of prosthetic vascular graft infection
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