Vegetation science after the Eger symposium
A general strategy for the simultaneous classification of variables and objects in ecological data tables
Stand dynamics of Pinus flexilis‐dominated subalpine forests in the Colorado Front Range
Effects of defoliation on the saplings of a gap‐colonizing neotropical tree
Hydro‐ecological analysis of the fen system Lieper Posse, eastern Germany
Species turnover and diversity patterns along an evergreen broad‐leaved forest coenocline
Variation in vernal species composition in alluvial forests of the Rhine valley, eastern France
Semi‐strong Hybrid Scaling, a new ordination algorithm
Aquatic vegetation and hydrology of a braided river floodplain
Effect of nutrient level on competition intensity in the field for three coexisting grass species
A method for studying dead bole dynamics in Pinus contorta var. latifolia ‐ Picea engelmannii forests
Vegetation of a coastal sand dune system in southern New Zealand
Plot size and estimation efficiency in plant community studies
Succession and fluctuation in a wet dune slack in relation to hydrological changes
Succession of mycorrhizal fungi in stands of Pinus sylvestris in the Netherlands
Spatial patterns and dynamics of woody vegetation in an arid savanna