Milestones in ecological thought - A canon for plant ecology
Plant traits and functional types in response to reduced disturbance in a semi-natural grassland
Distance decay in an old-growth neotropical forest
Dynamic tree aggregation patterns in a species-poor temperate woodland disturbed by fire
Mycorrhiza and seedling establishment in a subarctic meadow: Effects of fertilization and defoliation
Plant traits: Their role in the regeneration of alpine plant communities in sub-arctic Finland
Canopy vs. soil effects of shrubs facilitating tree seedlings in Mediterranean montane ecosystems
Epiphytic macrolichen communities along regional gradients in northern Norway
Safe sites for tree regeneration in wooded pastures: A case of associational resistance?
Prediction of plant cover from seed bank analysis in a semi-arid plant community on gypsum
On hierarchical diversity decomposition
Tempo and mode of vegetation dynamics over 50 years in a New Zealand alpine cushion / tussock community
Long-term changes in semi-arid vegetation: Invasion of an exotic perennial grass has larger effects than rainfall variability
Plot shape effects on plant species diversity measurements
EcoPlant: A forest site database linking floristic data with soil and climate variables