Experiments and field observations
Plant functional group responses to fire frequency and tree canopy cover gradients in oak savannas and woodlands
Environmental and neighbourhood effects on tree fern distributions in a neotropical lowland rain forest
Grazing effects on the species-area relationship
Regional assessment of plant invasions across different habitat types
Gradient analysis of reversed treelines and grasslands of the Valles Caldera, New Mexico
Variation in plant performance in a grassland
Invasion of woody species into temperate grasslands
Drought-related tree death of savanna eucalypts
Edge effects on epiphytic communities in a Mediterranean Quercus pyrenaica forest
Population dynamics of annuals in perennial grassland controlled by ants and environmental stochasticity
Harvester ants ( Messor barbarus ) as disturbance agents in Mediterranean grasslands
Post-fire regeneration of Mediterranean plant communities at a regional scale is dependent on vegetation type and dryness
Johansson revisited: the spatial structure of epiphyte assemblages
Mapping the floristic continuum
Response of calcareous grassland vegetation to mowing and fluctuating weather conditions
Flooded forests
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