Tree morphology in seasonally dry montane forest in Argentina
Endemic regions of the vascular flora of the peninsula of Baja California, Mexico
Responses of subalpine dwarf-shrub heath to irrigation and fertilization
Determinants of fine-scale plant species richness in a deciduous forest of northeastern North America
Shrub encroachment in the Alps gives rise to the convergence of sub-alpine communities on a regional scale
Does shrub invasion indirectly limit grass establishment via seedling herbivory? A test at grassland-shrubland ecotones
Interactive effects of introduced herbivores and post-flowering die-off of bamboos in Patagonian Nothofagus forests
Variation in juvenile survival and related physiological traits among dipterocarp species co-existing in a Bornean forest
Relationship between size hierarchy and density of trees in a tropical dry deciduous forest of western India
Do vine species in neotropical forests see the forest or the trees?
How reliable is the monitoring of permanent vegetation plots? A test with multiple observers
Does invasion by an alien plant species affect the soil seed bank?
Vegetation change from chronic stress events
Predicting future community composition from random soil seed bank sampling – evidence from a drained lake bottom
Trait-divergence assembly rules have been demonstrated
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