Functional characters, texture and stress
Plant functional group composition and large-scale species richness in European agricultural landscapes
Tolerance of Pinus taeda and Pinus serotina to low salinity and flooding: Implications for equilibrium vegetation dynamics
Effects of young Artemisia rothrockii shrubs on soil moisture, soil nitrogen cycling, and resident herbs
Thicket clumps: A characteristic feature of the Kagera savanna landscape, East Africa
Spatial ordination of vegetation data using a generalization of Wartenberg's multivariate spatial correlation
Fire and the relative roles of weather, climate and landscape characteristics in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest of Canada
Species richness in boreal swamp forests of SE Norway: The role of surface microtopography
Plant phenology, leaf traits and leaf litterfall of contrasting life forms in the arid Patagonian Monte, Argentina
Spatial patterns in cushion-dominated plant communities of the high Andes of central Chile: How frequent are positive associations?
Land-use and fire history effects on post-fire vegetation dynamics in eastern Spain
Wind dispersal of alpine plant species: A comparison with lowland species
Are traits measured on pot grown plants representative of those in natural communities?
Comparative demography of three coexisting Acer species in gaps and under closed canopy
Scale-dependence of vegetation-environment relationships in semi-natural grasslands
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