Twentieth year of the Journal of Vegetation Science : the journal for all vegetation scientists
Extinction debt in fragmented grasslands: paid or not?
Seed size and response to rainfall patterns in annual grasslands: 16 years of permanent plot data
Scaling hierarchy of factors controlling riparian vegetation patterns of the Fynbos Biome at the Western Cape, South Africa
Positive density dependence in seedlings of the neotropical tree species Garcinia macrophylla and Xylopia micans
Effects of water regime and habitat continuity on the plant species composition of floodplain forests
A functional analysis of large-scale temporal shifts from 1970 to 2000 in weed assemblages of sunflower crops in France
Diversity of dry forest epiphytes along a gradient of human disturbance in the tropical Andes
Gradients within gradients: The mesoscale distribution patterns of palms in a central Amazonian forest
108 years of change in spatial pattern following selective harvest of a Pinus ponderosa stand in northern Arizona, USA
Forest history and the development of old-growth characteristics in fragmented boreal forests
Post-fire tree establishment patterns at the alpine treeline ecotone: Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, USA
Limited effects of above- and belowground insects on community structure and function in a species-rich grassland
Effects of different fidelity measures and contexts on the determination of diagnostic species
Contrasting community responses to fertilization and the role of the competitive ability of dominant species
Relative climatic, edaphic and management controls of plant functional trait signatures
Evidence from water chemistry as a criterion of ombrotrophy in the mire complexes of Abernethy Forest, Scotland
A California grasslands alkali specialist, Hemizonia pungens ssp. pungens , prefers non-alkali soil
Above- and belowground biomass allocation in Tibetan grasslands