Editors' Award, experimental approaches, functional traits and ecoinformatics
Initial species pattern affects invasion resistance in experimental grassland plots
Fire and herbivory are not substitutable: evidence from regrowth patterns and changes in physical and chemical defences in A cacia seedlings
The right relevé in the right vegetation unit: a new typicality index to reproduce expert judgement with an automatic classification programme
Invasive non-native species attributes and invasion extent: examining the importance of grain size
Responses of grassland species richness to local and landscape factors depend on spatial scale and habitat specialization
Testing general predictions of the stress gradient hypothesis under high inter- and intra-specific nurse shrub variability along a climatic gradient
Unexpected mechanisms sustain the stress gradient hypothesis in a tropical alpine environment
Primary succession trajectories on pumice at Mount St. Helens, Washington
Disturbance history of an old-growth sub-alpine P icea abies stand in the Bohemian Forest, Czech Republic
Disentangling plant trait responses to livestock grazing from spatio-temporal variation: the partial RLQ approach
Patterns and controls of above-ground net primary production in meadows of Patagonia. A remote sensing approach
Influences of watershed geomorphology on extent and composition of riparian vegetation
The influence of landscape-level heterogeneity in fire frequency on canopy composition in the boreal forest of eastern Canada
Sudden oak death disease progression across two forest types and spatial scales
Juvenile–adult tree associations in a continental Mediterranean ecosystem: no evidence for sustained and general facilitation at increased aridity
Individual-based trait analyses reveal assembly patterns in tree sapling communities
Reconstructing savanna tree cover from pollen, phytoliths and stable carbon isotopes
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