Functional types, climatic change and species richness
Striving for general validity: a huge sample reveals faint traces in forests
Moving towards the edge: matrix matters!
Understorey plant species show long-range spatial patterns in forest patches according to distance-to-edge
Intra-specific spatial aggregation in acidic grasslands: effects of acidification and nitrogen deposition on spatial patterns of plant communities
Partitioning the variation of woody plant β-diversity in a landscape of secondary tropical dry forests across spatial scales
Community disassembly and reassembly following experimental storm surge and wrack application
Maturation of forest edges is constrained by neighbouring agricultural land management
Local plant species delimitation in a highly diverse Amazonian forest: do we all see the same species?
Updating vegetation classifications: an example with New Zealand's woody vegetation
Does complementarity in leaf phenology and inclination promote co-existence in a species-rich meadow? Evidence from functional groups
Land-use impact on the growth and survival of seedlings and saplings in West African savannas
Four years of simulated climate change reduces above-ground productivity and alters functional diversity in a grassland ecosystem
Do we need soil moisture measurements in the vegetation–environment studies in wetlands?
Differential water uptake among plant species in humid alpine meadows
Short-term succession of aquatic plant species richness along ecosystem productivity and dispersal gradients in shallow lakes
Flow regulation is associated with riverine soil seed bank composition within an agricultural landscape: potential implications for restoration
Compounded disturbances in sub-alpine forests in western Colorado favour future dominance by quaking aspen ( Populus tremuloides )
Low tolerance of New Caledonian secondary forest species to savanna fires
Causes for the unimodal pattern of biomass and productivity in alpine grasslands along a large altitudinal gradient in semi-arid regions
Vegetation Mitteleuropas mit den Alpen. 6. Auflage. By Heinz Ellenberg & Christoph Leuschner.
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