Silver Jubilee of the journal and complexity of global change
Does the Initial Floristic Composition model of succession really work?
The effects of grazing depend on productivity, and what else?
Variation of grazing-induced vegetation changes across a large-scale productivity gradient
Grazing effects on plant community succession of early- and mid-seral seeded grassland compared to shortgrass steppe
Rainfall variability has minimal effects on grassland recovery from repeated grazing
Earth surface processes drive the richness, composition and occurrence of plant species in an arctic–alpine environment
Measuring and interpreting trait-based selection versus meta-community effects during local community assembly
Facilitation displaces hotspots of diversity and allows communities to persist in heavily stressed and disturbed environments
Plant community assembly in semi-natural grasslands and ex-arable fields: a trait-based approach
Divergent successional pathways of stand development following fire in a California closed-cone pine forest
Small-scale disturbance and stand structure dynamics in an old-growth Picea abies forest over 54 yr in central Sweden
Vegetation change and homogenization of species composition in temperate nutrient deficient Scots pine forests after 45 yr
Age and diversity of Mediterranean dwarf shrublands: a dendrochronological approach along an altitudinal gradient on Crete
Shifts in plant species elevational range limits and abundances observed over nearly five decades in a western North America mountain range
Inferring shifts in tree species distribution using asymmetric distribution curves: a case study in the Iberian mountains
Biogeographic deconstruction of alpine plant communities along altitudinal and topographic gradients
Effects of land-use history and current management on ancient woodland herbs in Western Hungary
Identifying the multi-scale spatial structure of plant community determinants of an important national resource
Validating forest types based on geological and land-form features in central Amazonia
North Atlantic Islands with native and alien trees: are there differences in diversity and species-area relationships?
Competitive effect and response of savanna tree seedlings: comparison of survival, growth and associated functional traits
Are trait-based species rankings consistent across data sets and spatial scales?
Trait-based classification and manipulation of plant functional groups for biodiversity–ecosystem function experiments
The role of wind in the dispersal of floating seeds in slow-flowing or stagnant water bodies
Direct and size-dependent effects of climate on flowering performance in alpine and lowland herbaceous species
Linkages between primary seed dispersal, hydrochory and flood timing in a semi-arid region river
Silicon–vegetation interaction in multiple ecosystems: a review
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