Journal of Vegetation Science in 2015: journal growth, celebrations and awards
Alternative fire-driven vegetation states
Intraspecific trait variability matters
Tree line dynamics in the tropical African highlands – identifying drivers and dynamics
Between- and within-species trait variability and the assembly of sapling communities in forest patches
Plant assemblages do not respond homogenously to local variation in environmental conditions: functional responses differ with species identity and abundance
Quantifying multimodal trait distributions improves trait-based predictions of species abundances and functional diversity
Changes in the species and functional trait composition of the seed bank during semi-natural grassland assembly: seed bank disassembly or ecological palimpsest?
From facilitative to competitive interaction between Larrea tridentata and Cylindropuntia leptocaulis in the southern Chihuahuan Desert
Stress and land-use legacies alter the relationship between invasive- and native- plant richness
Positive fire feedbacks contribute to shifts from Nothofagus pumilio forests to fire-prone shrublands in Patagonia
Native and exotic plant species respond differently to wildfire and prescribed fire as revealed by meta-analysis
Fire and simulated herbivory have antagonistic effects on resistance of savanna grasslands to alien shrub invasion
Recent fire and cattle herbivory enhance plant-level fuel flammability in shrublands
Impact of fine-scale edaphic heterogeneity on tree species assembly in a central African rainforest
The effect of typhoon-related defoliation on the ecology of gap dynamics in a subtropical rain forest of Taiwan
Growth response to climatic change over 120 years for Alnus viridis and Salix glauca in West Greenland
Below-ground competition drives the self-thinning process of Stipa purpurea populations in northern Tibet
Using imaging spectroscopy to predict above-ground plant biomass in alpine grasslands grazed by large ungulates
Observation bias and its causes in botanical surveys on high-alpine summits
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