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Interpreting the effects of landscape connectivity on community diversity
When it gets cold, plant size matters – a comment on tree line
The species pool concept as a framework for studying patterns of plant diversity
Connectivity and management enables fast recovery of plant diversity in new linear grassland elements
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Effects of fine-scale surface heterogeneity on rock outcrop plant community structure
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Dynamic response of a Philippine dipterocarp forest to typhoon disturbance
Relationship between species diversity, biomass and light transmittance in temperate semi-natural grasslands: is productivity enhanced by complementary light capture?
Above-ground and below-ground competition between the willow Salix caprea and its understorey
Multi-species competition experiments with peatland bryophytes
Testing a model of biological soil crust succession
A plant economics spectrum in Mediterranean forests along environmental gradients: is there coordination among leaf, stem and root traits?
Using remotely sensed data to model suitable habitats for tree species in a desert environment
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