Mapping plant community ecology
Why wood density varies across communities
Does structural connectivity influence tree species distributions and abundance in a naturally discontinuous tropical forest formation?
Community variation in wood density along a bioclimatic gradient on a hyper‐diverse tropical island
Establishment limitation may be more important than species dispersal
Climate and seed availability initiate alternate post‐fire trajectories in a lower subalpine forest
Fire is a stronger driver of forest composition than logging in the boreal forest of eastern Canada
Nutrient uptake and use efficiency in co‐occurring plants along a disturbance and nutrient availability gradient in the boreal forests of the southwest Yukon, Canada
Succession, climate and neighbourhood dynamics influence tree growth over time
Determinants of patchiness of woody vegetation in an African savanna
The contribution of termite mounds to landscape‐scale variation in vegetation in a West African national park
Dendroecological reconstruction of disturbance history of an old‐growth mixed sessile oak–beech forest
Warming and nitrogen addition effects on bryophytes are species‐ and plant community‐specific on the eastern slope of the Tibetan Plateau
Differential plant species responses to interactions of sand burial, precipitation enhancement and climatic variation promote co‐existence in Chinese steppe vegetation
Plant community assembly in Mediterranean grasslands
Changes in New Zealand forest plant communities following the prehistoric extinction of avian megaherbivores
Sediment type rules the response of aquatic plant communities to dewatering in wetlands
Root hemiparasitic plants are associated with high diversity in temperate grasslands
Sensitivity of subtropical forest and savanna productivity to climate variability in South America, Uruguay
Biotic vs abiotic drivers of seedling persistence in a tropical karst forest
Lack of demographic equilibrium indicates natural, large‐scale forest dynamics, not a problematic forest conservation policy – a reply to Brzeziecki et al.
Managing for naturalness alone is not an effective way to preserve all the valuable natural features of the Białowieża Forest – a reply to Jaroszewicz et al.
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